Friday, November 28, 2014

{Friendship Friday} When friends cook for you :)

We've actually seen Robyn and her gang a lot this year (by Jhb standards - 4 times...) and I love it!

The kids get along, we get along, and I only wish they lived closer.

This time we went to their place where she prepared TWO of my favourite dishes - chicken breyani and "coloured" koeksisters (I hadn't had the latter for about 10 years!) For an acts of service girl, this was LOVE to me.

I'd told Robyn before that the next time I saw them I'd take some pics. The hubs wasn't having any photo tomfoolery though :(

It was a schlep while we were taking the pictures (when isn't it with 4 littles?!) but it's always worth it AFTERWARDS when the pictures are done and you see the moments!

Robyn's getting her CD tomorrow - if you haven't looked yet, put on a soppy love song while you look through them and you'll fall MORE in love with your kids. I promise :)

D got this one of me in action, as it were!

do you know what these are? Coloured koeksisters (read more here)

please note the pink eye shadow (things she would not find in my house!)

the pied pier with her girls

Which is your favourite photo?
Is there a favourite dish a friend's cooked for you?

PS Caren's husband A once cooked a delicious Thai Mussamen curry when they had us over, which is my favourite Thai dish.


  1. Oh they are all adorable, I can't choose.

    One of my friends makes a mean roast chicken...and a salad of sorts that I just love. Haven't had it in years though. And my one housemate when I lived it CT used to make THE BEST pancakes...and I don't even like pancakes! We could hardly wait for them to come out of the pan.

  2. Wow, stunning pictures . I do love the one of the 4 littlies - there is a lovely companionship feel to it. And Koesisters - I really want some (I prefer the coloured version to the white one - I love coconut). My hubby is actually my favorite home chef and I adore it when he specially makes something I love. He makes the best steak in the world according to me

  3. I can't choose! I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!! I especially love how Hannah is really and truly tickled in most of the shots. Like wet-your-pants tickled! I don't remember anything being THAT funny on the day! I'm so glad we found each other,I do so like all four of you xx

  4. Gorgeous photo's!!! Gorgeous kids, gorgeous women!

    That is all.


  5. Stunning photos. Zuleiga makes me roti and curry. And my friend Lizelle makes the most BEAUTIFUL coloured koeksisters for me!


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