Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gillooly's Farm

I honestly don't know why we don't go to Gillooly's Farm more often.

We only make it out about once a year, all together as a family, although the kids have managed to persuade their granny to take them a couple of times this year, when she comes for her monthly visit.

D is not spontaneous at all, so one Saturday when he said, "let's go to Gillooly's for a picnic", I was ONTO that!

I took my little pink friend to capture some photos.

And those who follow me on instagram will have seen K & C feeding the ducks.

Are there places near your home you somehow never find yourself at?

PS One other such place I need to get to is that viewpoint on Munro Drive (that link is a hotel but just to show you the views!)


  1. There are plenty of places near us that we love, but somehow hardly ever end up at. I guess it's people who live near the beach never go there?

  2. We have never been there! We should go to the zoo more often

  3. It is so peaceful there...beautiful photos.

  4. Photos are LOVELY. We hate driving so we go to ALL the places close by.

  5. We tend to stick to the same places cos we know them and they work for our family - that said I like to try new places a lot - wouldn't mind trying Gillooly's! looks divine!


  6. We have Never been... And it is so close... Have you seen the views from Langerman Kop? And also Maboneng is really close but we rarely make it there.


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