Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lady check-ups and other news...

I went to the gynae yesterday morning and didn’t cry in his office like I did the last two times.

Last time was actually super embarrassing when I burst into those big, ugly tears because he asked me, ”are you stressed?”

I went in Sept last year, he found 2 cysts (stress-related as my bloodwork said the same thing) and told me to manage my stress. Well, things got worse (biggest understatement of the year) and when I saw him again in March, the one cyst was still there and bigger.

Well this time I’ve managed my stress and they’re GONE!


I can’t tell you how happy I am about that – it was absolutely worth “just resigning”.

You do know it’s not just about two cysts but about what that represents. Also I believe strongly in yellow flags….. those cysts were yellow flags for me and I don’t really want a red flag situation so I try and listen to my body.

There’s been some really bad news in South African circles. A previously infertile girl (that’s how I know of her)’s husband died very unexpectedly on Tuesday of a heart attack.

My American friends, you might see lots of veiled references and vague booking going on with South African people you follow.

I also didn’t sleep much that night…..but His mercies are new every morning and today, I’m feeling more like God is still in control.

And then in absolutely wonderful news, instagrammers Hayley and Francois are expecting TWINS. Fellow twin moms, we won’t mention those first two years, okay? But the pregnancy is hard-fought-for and so I am OVER the moon at their news.

What’s going on in your life?


  1. Yay, for clean bills of health in your lady biz! I am way overdue for one of those check ups.

  2. Yeah for the health issues! And i am so sorry for LM and Bella and so very very happy for the Malherbes!

  3. So glad you got out of your job. See it was good for your health!

  4. Yay for cysts being gone gone gone! I too am SO stoked for Hayley & Francois. SO SO HAPPY!

    LM's hubby's death has really shaken me. It just goes to show that none of us have any guarantee's in life and we MUST make the MOST of every single second we get in this life.


  5. Am counting down to my leave. TWELVE more sleeps! Also. I got my "we regret to inform you" letter today. I am OK now.

  6. Glad for the clean bill of health and the twin pregnancy news! :)


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