Thursday, November 06, 2014

Let's talk about five-year-olds

I was saying to some friends the other day how perfectly lovely I'm finding my five-year-olds at the moment.

Also, how do I have kids that are 5?!

I actually want to spend all my free time with them (except for the sacred rest time on the weekend) because they're clever and spunky and full of interesting questions. They're affirming and lovable, and I feel like I get as much love back as I give which is just wonderful.

I get told how I cook DELICIOUS meals (for really simple things) and that I make the best pancakes (okay, I do!) and the nicest pasta, etc.

They come back for more hugs and kisses and "I love you so, SO much" even in front of the other kids at school. I don't see other mothers getting as much love as I do ;) probably because I'm too busy hugging and kissing back.

(if we could just get them listening on a consistent basis, life would be completely rosy :))


I still haven't finished reading Your Five-Year-Old: Sunny and Serene - matter of fact, I'm only about 10% through. But I'm sure the book says what I'm experiencing.

Anyway, enough chit-chat - you want to see more photos of their "photo day" at school?

Here we go!
I told them to do their serious model faces :)

then they get silly again!

What are your favourite things about 5?
Which is your favourite age?

D says 18 - 21 months; I said "anything after that first year" (and I'm not even joking!)

PS I'm 3 months into this year and I have 4 - 5 things done (out of 24) on my Lovely Things list.


  1. Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter!

    I loved 5 too... they are so fun and easy to take places. They have a sense of humor and can show empathy. You can reason with them and they start to REALLY read and write like crazy. And they are still super cute and cuddly! What a fantastic, perfectly precious age!

    So far, EVERY age has been my new favorite! We are smack in the middle of 6 now, and it is pretty fantastic too! I'm sure my compounding adoration for each age will end abruptly at age 12 or 13! :)

  2. We currently have a 5, 4 and 2 year old wandering around and I must say that I am LOVING the 2 year old phase. I don't think I enjoyed it enough with the first two.

  3. 4 to me was great because I felt I could breathe again for the first time. Progressively from there on every age seems nicer - but maybe I am just an older kid mom. I am loving 9 while 8 was a bit more of a challenge. 9 is so in between - she wants a watch for her birthday (all grown up) but wish for a fasionista Barbie for Christmas. What I totally love is the huge sense of responsibility that comes with 9 almost 10 - the offering of help without being asked, the doing of tasks without having to remind.

  4. Well those kids are super cute, super well mannered and just wonderful all round :) Love the pics of them being all silly!

    I am loving both my kids ages right now actually - Kade is just finding himself and his spunk (altho the broken ears are driving me NUTS) and Gemma is just too cute right now.


  5. I wonder what age they actually DO listen??? Ethan's a month away from 3 and I swear, he hears EVERYTHING except what I WANT HIM TO HEAR!!!! I'm loving his age though right now. I guess I don't have many years to compare it to but when his brother arrives (in all of 5weeks time!!!), I may be able to compare ages and which I prefer I guess. Super cute pics of your two, they look so adorable.

  6. How can we have 5 year olds?! How!
    I'm constantly in awe of the ladies, but I do miss those baby snuggles. I'm currently watching a game of Candyland between the three of them- the luxury of being a spectator!
    I'm really digging that first face shot.

  7. We're not quite at 5 yet, but so far this stage is pretty magical. :-)

    These photos are so cute!

  8. I love the fact that you want to spent all your free time with them. You are wonderful with your children and such a good mother. When we get together I can see how they are number 1 always. Many say that you should enjoy every moment with them because once they grow up, these moments will be over. Well, with my oldest (12), he's conversations get more interesting as he grow up, more intelligent and funny. We can share interests together now and see how the apple don't fall far from (my) tree ;) There's still many years to come with interesting chats, compliments and "I love you mom", believe me.

  9. Five is my most FAVOURITE age of all time. I suppose there are cool things and not so cool things about each age but five is DEFINITELY it for me.

  10. They are so cute. You and D make some good looking kids :)


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