Monday, November 10, 2014

{Monochrome Monday} Week 1 - please join in

As I mentioned last week, my little pink friend is really good for me because she (I need to name her!) helps me to SEE in black and white so I get used to framing and composing the photo exactly as I want it.

For the last 8 weeks of 2014, I'm going to try really hard to post 5 photos every Monday. That's only 40 pics!

This will do at least three things:
  1. it will stretch me to look around me for interesting things to capture in black and white - this is my photography goal for 2014
  2. I'll get practice using the Nikon
  3. I'll have to get the photos off the camera (I'm still seeing the pink one as something that stays in my bag vs my super duper organised workflow with the big black one where I download, label, organise, etc.)
Please play along if you like black and whites. And please use the top pic as a button to link up here. Thank you :)

life in the traffic - can you guess where this is?

interesting candle-lier at Pappas

spying on the boy reading a book...

and also on the other boy reading a book :)

Do you have a favourite?
What were your photography goals for 2014? How are you doing?


  1. I love black and white pictures. My photography goal for 2014 was take weekly and monthly pictures of K to age one. On monthly pictures 100%. On weekly pictures save for 2 weeks I think I did a good job. My new goal take 365 pictures in year 2 and organize year one pictures

  2. Love the traffic one most but love both the boys reading too. I had a goal - to photograph other families. Loosing the trusty Canon took the wind out of my sails a bit. I did however make a Facebook page for my photography and am really proud of that

  3. I do love that chandelier. I never made photography goals, but after looking through picasa for the last month I really should. :(

  4. I want to learn how to use my fancy camera properly in 2015. Love the b&w shots!


  5. My only goal was to take LOTS of pictures. I did. But not enough. I am still too lazy and end up using my phone. So, basically, I need to leave my phone at home. Or in the car or whatever. My other goal was to start to print pictures for albums. This one is going slower than I planned but, to be fair, I also haven't prioritised it.

    I am currently downloading nearly 6000 pics into a folder to sort/delete/print at a later stage - probably in next year. These are from my phone. And I'm only doing it because my phone is complaining about space!

  6. Oh and I really like the one of Dion reading.


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