Monday, November 17, 2014

{Monochrome Monday} Week 2 - the main reasons I like black and white photography

I thought I should use this time to share a little about why I like black and white photography so much.

It basically boils down to this - for me, it feels timeless and classic because it focuses in on just the emotion in a pic.

What about you?

I came across this London maternity shoot yesterday. I love the black and whites!!!!
Anyway, here are this week's 5 pics.

water bottle

table at our year-end


a colleague doing business :)
this one was taken with my Canon on Saturday in Newtown

Do you like black and whites? Why or why not?
Which is your favourite?


  1. Oh boy, how beautiful is that shoot! I love black and white and really do not use it often enough

  2. Love your shots.
    I like b&w photography as well as it focus on what the photographer wants to tell and no other elements interfere with it.

  3. I love black and white cos it makes the colour images sometimes look better than the original.


  4. I like black and white pictures. Something just look better in monochrome.

  5. I love the definition of black and white but I also love undecided?


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