Monday, November 03, 2014

My online shopping and cameras for kids

Oh boy, me and online shopping.

I’m still looking for those cameras for my kids for Christmas.

Anyway, so I started searching the other day and then I ended up buying another camera for me. A beautiful little camera with a zoom lens besides the kit lens, but nonetheless, totally unnecessary. Mine is pink!

And then on another day the lovely Julia sent me a link to ask a question about Project Life and I ended up buying the midnight edition kit for next year. To be fair, it is a GORGEOUS kit and just what I feel like using next to my bright photos. Matter of fact, I’m already using the cards for lists and such…. as I do!

And then I happened to download the Mr P Home brochure and I fell in love with a few really nice things. Big things like couches and chairs…. I haven’t bought them yet because my frugal nature kicked in.

But after the house is painted……

So I need to stop – this is getting out of hand!

(I blame my work – blogs are banned but somehow the shopping sites aren’t? so instead of reading blogs while I eat breakfast and lunch, I’m “browsing”)

Back to the cameras…

I’m looking for proper digital cameras – preferably one in a girl colour (pink or purple – remember I have a princess) and one silver or black. They must have batteries that can charge via electricity, not rechargeable batteries. And be below R1000 each. I like to decide what I want to spend and I “put that out there” based on nothing scientific but on my gut feel for what feels right.

So far the Nikon at R1074 is the best I’ve seen.

Let me know if you see anything suitable.

I know my credit card number off by heart so I will quickly snap them up and get off the sites!!!

  1. Have you been buying anything unnecessary recently?
  2. Dare I ask? Are you planning any Christmas shopping?
  3. Do you think it’s cheeky if I tell the family we’re doing a handmade Christmas? (biscuits/ cards/ stuff like that instead of things I will have to find a place for in the house)
(I decided D and I need to pay for house stuff as Christmas gifts to ourselves)


  1. Thankfully my recent purchases, although accumulating, are all Christmas based. Hopefully I can stay ahead of the curve and not allow things to spiral.
    I think it's genius to tell the family. I'm struggling with the family gift list requests already. Then they mock my lists! I am the toy nazi and I feel bad for them buying things my kids won't play with or I will re-home.
    Will anyone buy you an experience gift, membership, or subscription? What about $$ for uniforms and school supplies?

  2. I have been really good with shopping, as in I've done none. Well I ordered a few things on takealot yesterday for N's school's christmas function...but that's it.

    Gosh, I find it all very depressing. It's going to be a very low budget Christmas for us this year. I walked through a shop over the weekend and I swear it looks like they've pushed all their prices up with R50-R100 for Christmas!

    Have you looked at Game? And I some some cheap-ish cameras at Northgate's PnP hyper too. Not sure how they charge though. I think they were about R600 or thereabouts.

  3. We have just bought the kids gifts online. They are each getting a laptop. I buy Emmas nappies from Takealot - they are the cheapest and deliver the same day so even if I forget I get them almost immediately. I also buy a lot of Davids sports stuff online as gifts.
    This month I did the groceries online because I was at Santa Shoebox but PnP messed it up (2nd time) so I probably won't do that again.

  4. I do very little -= maybe a bit Kalahari now and then but that's about it. If I do not get a sports swimming costume for A today I am going to order via Mr P sport.

    I think you can - if all the family agree

  5. Haven't started thinking about Christmas yet. I'd get my kids underwater cameras if I were looking, they're much more fun.
    For family this year, we're going to do the same as last year, and set up a secret santa on Elfster... I hate getting plenty of useless gifts, and it gets so expensive... Elfster worked like a charm for us last year

  6. Think it's a lovely idea that you want to buy the kids their own cameras. Because obviously they have the same interest as their mother :)
    Haven't bought anything lately unnecessary. We are planning to buy R his first smartphone and J will be getting the bike bike she so desperately want for Christmas.

  7. Well I bought a Soweto marathon shirt that I probably shouldn't have but I needed to mark the fact that I did it with an awesome NIke drifit running top.

    I've done NO thinking about Christmas yet, work is too busy right now.

    I buy a LOT online - I love it!

  8. I love online shopping! Except for food. But I love for everything else! Even clothes. I am really looking at ways to NOT spend a lot of money on xmas gifts. I say this every year with little success. We did biscuits in a cute jar for everyone a year ago, which worked.. I think we will do something similar this year. I love that photo of K with her dress and boots on!

  9. I love online shopping but sadly I don't trust SA sites that much. I have only used kalahari a grand total of one time! Plus the websites are quite difficult to navigate. Maybe I'm spoilt shopping on US websites. Amazon I use a lot!!! I think I did 99% of my baby shopping online.

    Luckily I don't have lots of family here to shop for Christmas for and we hardly buy Christmas stuff for ourselves. But this year We have to get some gifts for K, still trying to decide what to get her


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