Thursday, November 20, 2014

oh gosh, is it this stage of life or what?

I had other things I wanted to post about but they all feel too frivolous tonight.
  • One friend's FIL died earlier this week.
  • Another friend's FIL is very, very ill in ICU (she says it is a matter of when, and not if)
Then my sister emailed me this morning to tell me of an old school friend's death, also earlier this week.

Reading through the comments, another school friend said, "this is the 4th young girl in the last couple of months to die before they're 40" so I shut down facebook. I don't want to know.

The last one's mom was one of my teachers and she was a year below me (so my age - we are a few months apart) and at the same ballet school.

(She was diagnosed with cancer on 10 October so just over a month ago!)

A colleague and I were discussing whether it's at the stage of life we're in.
  • when you're in your mid-twenties and everyone's getting married
  • two years after that when all the fertile people start having babies
  • and then more babies and the crazy kid stages
  • and now everyone seems to have parents who are getting old
I heard some stats once about breast cancer. An insurer was marketing to me (and they did it well, it seems, since I still remember and I bought the product). Like how this disease affects 1 in 4 white people, 1 in 11 coloured people (remember, in SA, we are fine with being called coloured!). Indians were about 1 in 6 - 8, and Blacks 1 in 20-odd.

Just googled and found lots more stats - all different so who knows what the right things are.

Another interesting ins.urance fact - only about 20% of drivers on South African roads are insured. Then I think, okay, I'm the one who's insured so I look around and think about the other 4 cars near me.......... and chances are a good many of them are not insured!


Anyway, my point was, if I read 1 in 4, I always think, well me plus 3 others, and this will statistically happen to one of us...................

Do you think like that?
Which life stage are you in? What's happening to lots of your friends right now?

I seem to have lots of friends with babies (that is not happening around here) or school crazy


  1. We are without a doubt in the "our parents are getting older" stage - even my last two blogposts mentioned one dying and another sick and then of course our own parents. We also seem to be in a "getting divorced with children" phase - some friends, but two friends of A at school and one of L. And yes, the "school madness" age.

    My statistician hubby will tell you that all statistics can be wrangled to say whatever you want so they actually mean nothing!

  2. I think it's the stage of life we're in Marce. I have a lot of friends and family with sick parents, parents passing away etc. I also have friends with small kids and babies - but mostly because that it where WE are in our parenthood journey. Like stays with like it seems :)


  3. There's a bit of everything...but I guess we ourselves are heading into school crazy stage proper now.

  4. I don't know...must there be a stage. I believe that God holds life and death in His hands and it doesn't matter what your age is, if it is time to go home...He takes you. We have had a lot of death this year....two very young men on New Years day, a 40 something woman who overdosed...a 50 something friend who died of cancer.

  5. Here it's a bit of everything. The most dominant phases are the crazy kids & school phase and the parents getting old and sick phase. I would go through a million crazy kids and school phases if I could skip the parents getting old and sick part. It's AWFUL.


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