Friday, November 14, 2014

Phone conversations with Connor


I phoned home this afternoon and miracle of miracles, Connor actually deigned to speak to me.

(he doesn't normally like to be "interrupted" because like me, he's always busy with something)

But he came to the phone which was such a big treat for me.

After the hellos....

C: Mummy, did you have a nice afternoon?
M: Why yes, Connor, I actually did have a good afternoon.


Then later in the conversation...

C: (Nanny) M put the ham next to the roll, not on the roll
M: Okay boy, you must tell her how you like it. She doesn’t know.
C: Okay Mummy, Bye
M: WAIT Connor, I’m still talking!
C: Yes?
M: Bye, Connor, I love you
C: I love you, too, Mummy – bye!

And he was off.

If you work outside the home, do you speak to your kids during the day?
Do they like to speak on the phone?


  1. I do sometimes. They are both NOT phone people.

  2. I don't's a bit disruptive phoning her at school. The last time we spoke on the phone was when I was in hospital for a week...naturally she wasn't feeling very happy.

  3. I love these conversations. I treasure this type of ones with my children as well. We don't chat over a phone but in person but they are very much like these where the children take interest in how my day was or how it's going. Priceless.

  4. We hardly ever chat over the phone - just not practical. BTW that first photo is stunning - excellent shot

  5. I don't phone during the day cos he is at school but if I happen to call Cliff and he is in the car with him or if I'm else where on the weekend and he is there when I call he will always want to chat to me. Its short and sweet and I love it.


  6. My kids were always in day care and I couldn't even if I wanted.

  7. Mine had a sick day yesterday. They called me during the day to say the post had arrived and there was one letter for me but they OPENED it! I said that's so rude, you can't open other people's mail and Liam pipes up "but you aren't other people?" LOL!


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