Thursday, November 13, 2014

Probably the most unprepared photoshoot ever

So we're having a mini photoshoot on Saturday and it's either going to be wonderful in its imperfection... or a dismal failure.

The state of affairs...
  • I'm unprepared.
  • I have no idea what we're wearing. We've got to wear non-busy clothes because I don't want us competing with the graffiti.
  • I'm not even sure we'll be able to get all the shots I want (Newtown is under construction)
  • I'm larger than I would have liked
  • I have a Spanish exam later that day which I actually should be focussed on...

We've been having rainy, grey, overcast days the entire week, with even more rain predicted right up until Wednesday next week.

That is not a problem because I love the grey skies.

The problem is that there's a 66% chance of rain on Saturday..................... so it's going to be interesting.

I'm taking gumboots and rain jackets, and umbrellas for the kids.

On the bright side, if I have my way, I'll actually have GREY SKIES plus NEWTOWN. It'll be like Christmas for my photo dreams :)

And if the kids are good, I might just let them run around for a bit :)

I think we'll take Thursday and Friday with us again to see the difference three years makes. Same bears, (hopefully) some of the same locations and two, much bigger kids :)

PS these pics were taken on 12 April.


  1. Sometimes the shoots (or things) we are least prepared for turn out best because we have low expectations. I know I know when you are paying it's a different ball game

    I'm sure it would be great and you will get wonderful pictures. Hoping it doesn't rain but there's some grey skies so you can get your wish :)

    I think most importantly remember to have fun

  2. Look at our great sea photoshoot and I booked it on Monday and we did it on Tuesday. It was 15 degrees C on a windy beach - so maybe just maybe it all works out 100%. Good luck with the Spanish

  3. Hey! You might get an umbrella shoot!

  4. You at least have an idea of what you want. This is totally unchartered territory for me - so I am hoping for one or two nice photo's of us as a family.

    Low expectations = low failure rate ;-)


  5. You're breaking loose! Unprepared stuff always turns out better - if your photographer knows her stuff it won't matter if you don't all match. How did it go?

  6. I hope it all worked out...I am WAY behind with blog reading.


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