Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Spring photowalk - the princess version :)

When we get home the kids should be bathed and in their pyjamas. This has put me off going for a walk but I'm over that now.

I think it adds to our family's quirk factor.

Since these photos were taken, we've been out in pjs another two times, I think.

This time Kendra decided to jazz up her pjs by adding a princess skirt as she calls it.

that red blob on the left is Connor

I LOVE photos like this!

our local soccer players - I stick the camera lens through the fence surrounding a local field

I also took an IG version of this pic - some of you may remember it.

MandyE's J would be right at home :)

electric fencing

my heart!

And again!!!

getting in pics with the kids

And so ends another walk!

Which was your favourite pic?


  1. HAHA, J would have already joined in.
    I love the hand-holding. I feel like there is less and less of that these days. :(

    Also, going out in pajamas before bed when you're 5 is completely acceptable. It's when you pass 12, and it's 2 in the afternoon that it's a problem. ;)

  2. Of course I'm obsessed with sunset but that's too obvious!

    I love the one on D with the 2 kids with Connor in his arms and Kendra looking like she's holding on for dear life. Love love love it

  3. I love the two when D is carrying the kids! The kids go out in PJ's all the time, if we're going for dinner late, or even to the gym for a late session, or we're going visiting and they'll most likely sleep in the car on the way back.. they rock jammies! In fact, I am waiting for the day when they will tell me that they don't want to because it's silly! So far, so good :)

  4. I would let Kade go out in his jaarmies no problem. He has no skaam and neither do I ;-)

    I am obsessed by all things sunrise and sunset - but you know that about me. I ADORE that one of K hanging onto D's leg! So natural and unposed and HAPPY.


  5. c's hand in D's. My kinds dress in their PJ's at gym every Tuesday after swimming !

  6. Beautiful!

    You should all get in PJs and really get the neighbours talking. ;-)


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