Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The post office is cramping my style

So our post office workers are still on strike but I see they've now been given dismissal letters....

Anyway, I don't know if I want to take the chance to post things around South Africa or overseas this year.

There's going to be a ginormous backlog which is going to take time to process. And I don't want my things in a depot somewhere.

But that's not the point of this post.

the silver flip flops were a To Marcia, From Marcia gift (my friend Suzanne's advice and I do it every year :)); the pink and grey scarf was a Secret Santa at work because I said I wanted an infinity scarf; mind you, the silver flip flops were also on my list!

The point is Secret Santa.

So at work we received a meeting invite to participate in the Secret Santa.

And because I'm in a sassy and funky team, people were very vocal.

It was huge fun.

Some said they want to wish list it, others wanted a surprise, others were clearly scrambling for any reason to not participate :)

I love gifts and gift-giving but I don't like nonsense gifts (gag gifts). Especially when I'm spending R120 of my hard-earned money.

Some people said they don't want ornaments, others didn't want cheap clocks from Asia City :)

A big contingent of the greater team are people who all earn POTS of money because they have jobs that are in demand in South Africa, so all these "kids" who are 26 earn a LOT.

And they were the ones saying, "oh, what fun is it if there's no surprise?" and such. Our team assistant is in her first job so understandably doesn't want to waste money. I had to be a bit diplomatic and speak up for her a bit too so I said, "we don't all have R120 to have FUN with" because the other guys were saying, "well, that's why we ONLY made it R120"

Team life!

I like a vague wishlist of about 3 things so people get an idea of what I'm about.

How the whole thing ended up was that the organiser sent out another email saying since we don't all know each other well, we're welcome to send some suggestions.

I'm thinking of saying on mine - no wine, chocolates, smelly things or photo frames :) Mr P Home and Woolies are always a good idea.

Do you like a total surprise or do you like to wishlist it?

What kind of suggestions would you have given for your gift?


  1. I hate these things! I'd much rather work towards a common goal, lets all pitch in for a charity or make a potluck. Everyone likes food, and no one likes being slighted. I think I would ask for a donation in my name, but I don't work with very charitable people. ;(

  2. I love a surprise secret santa. Talking about your silver sandals.. I kept meaning to say to you on Saturday, I have the exact same pair of bronze Woolies ones which you were wearing. Samesies, as the kids would say :)

  3. I love things like this but a vague list works for me. For instance I do not like to get choccies and as its my birthday and around this time I also steer clear of smelly stuff. BTW - you are almost on your Reading Challenge goal! I am not going to make it this year.

  4. Oh and I am not trusting the post office at all this year!

  5. I've done two Secret Santa's - one at work and one in blogland. I prefer to give ppl an idea of what you're about as no one wants to receive a gift that they're a) not going to use and b) hate!


  6. This post office strike is wrecking havoc at our work offices. We send tons of documents through the post and are really feeling the impact of this strike. Cannot wait for it to be over. I would definitely prefer to wishlist it. It makes things easier for the person buying the gift and will be enjoyed/used by the recipient. Those flip flops are so cute!

  7. We're doing secret santa at work next week too and the same issue/discussion arose - how much is the "budget". They first made it R50 'cos apparently, you get to be creative then. You can even make something if you so wish (wish I don't!). I ended up buying something from Mr P for R51 the following day ony for them to up the price to between R50 and R100...R100 was more what I was thinking but anyway...my gifts for R51 were well thought out and will have to do :-)

  8. Gosh no, I hate surprised. Unless they come from someone that gets me. We do wishlist for our secret santa. We must list 3 possibilities. I list 3 voucher options. Sorbet is always one of them.

  9. Also. The post office is REALLY cramping my style. Which means that people might get their Christmas cards in March or something! Or maybe I must just do something electronic this year. I will see,

  10. This post office thing!! Argh! Cannot send Xmas pressies to family in NZ this year, and to send a memory stick via courier to the UK to a client is going to cost R990!! Have you ever?!
    I hate office secret santas... you always end up with some daft gift that ends up being at the bottom of the cupboard... my no list includes all bath products and candles and candleholders and photo frames (not that I don't need them, but I really don't need cheesy ones!)

  11. The post office is still sitting on parcels of mine that was sent from the US in August....I am seriously upset about that.

  12. Haha, at least I don't feel guilty for not checking my box the last 4,5 months! ;-)

    I don't like wish lists, and I really don't like secret santa events. December is already a horrendous financial month for me...every year...so I can really do without the added chaos.


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