Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The reading at work drama

My wifi was acting up last night so I took it as a sign and wrapped Christmas gifts. I’m totally serious about getting this all done THIS month.

But now, onto the reading at work story.

I’ve mentioned before how everything in creation is blocked at work.


I can get feedly but not put in my google or facebook password so that’s useless. Then I had an idea – I created a new feedly account for “work reading” (using Evernote – not blocked) and I put blogs there that I never comment on or click through to watch a video, listen to a podcast, etc. Because the minute you click the heading to go to the website, you get a lovely big Access Denied message. 

I’ve then slowly deleted those blogs from my ‘home reading”.

It’s totally not simple or effortless which is really what I require from my life (!) but it’s working for me.

Result – I get through about half the blogs at lunch and breakfast, and at home I have at most 58 posts every day instead of the 120 I used to have before The Big Delete.

When do you read blogs?

Are any blocked at your work?

The other two timesavers I want to share with you are apps on my phone. By the way, I’m not prepared to put Feedly on my phone because 1) I don’t want even more exorbitant data charges and 2) I actually can’t read my inspiration blogs (read lots of photos) on a small device.


Kindle app

I downloaded it because I saw that Modern Mrs Darcy mentioned something in a post. And it’s been really useful. If I have a few minutes waiting for something, in I go and read a bit. All those bits add up. Look – I’m 44% through and all of this was read in 5 – 10 minute chunks over about a month.


Holy Bible

Now this is a game changer. It gives you lots of bits and pieces which I haven’t used but I do look up a verse quickly AND there is an audio version in there. So when I drive by myself, I go to where I want to “read” and I let the man read the Bible to me while I drive to and from work. GAME CHANGER – I’m calm, I’m refreshed and encouraged by the Word and I’m saving time. I do find that I have to listen to everything twice just to make sure it sticks but still it’s a huge time saver.

Now tell me about any reading apps you use.

PS I’m not mentioning Goodreads because I’ve raved way too much about that app already.

PPS I’m posting this by typing an email to my blogger address, where I’ll add a screenshot taken with my iphone and post it via the Blogger app. These are the great lengths I go to for you, dear readers (Funso!)


  1. We do not block anything because honestly if anyone wanted to they can read anything on their mobile devices so I do not see the use. Anyway we are goal driven so if you do you job in time you do your job in time.

  2. Everything is blocked here too. I squeeze a bit of reading in here and there on the phone, and use very similar elaborate work arounds to post.

  3. Almost everything social media related is blocked in my office which is to be expected. I can read blogger posts but can't comment. WP is much easier no restrictions. There's no work around for us, it's either it works or it doesn't. on the past if a site was blocked and you tried to access if you got a big red screen telling you your IP address has been recorded! Thankfully no more red screens.

    Good thing I'm used to doing most things on my phone. That probably explains my data usage :(

    1. And now our wifi has the same restrictions so quite useless

  4. I think you have some quite creative ways to use your internet at work, good for you!

  5. I don't get why companies blog websites which really don't have harmful content on it. If an employee really want to access things, they will find a way or do so on their cellphones which are these days actually more easier and easier. At my previous company full access was given to employees because the employer believed that employees are more productive if they can take 10 min breaks by surfing the net every hour than opposed to being blocked. He was right with the people that worked for him. We were more productive because we didn't feel we were ''not trusted" and still did our work and reached deadlines.

  6. We have access to everything at work. I use my lunch time to read and catch up on blogs and stuff but I also find that when it's slow at work I spend too much time online!


  7. Today I am reading at work...I never get time to read blogs anymore and by the time I get home it is supper to be made and then I tired!!!!


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