Monday, November 24, 2014

Traffic personalities - part 1

D has his preferred way to drive to work, and of course, I have mine.

Generally speaking, I'm the type who:
  • doesn't mind driving an extra 2 km if the driving is smooth sailing
  • doesn't like zigzagging around the suburbs
  • doesn't mind a bit of traffic if it's downhill (like down Glenhove)
  • hates "begging" to be let into the traffic flow (I'll happily wait a longer time for a traffic light rather than push my way in)
 Exhibit A
for your viewing pleasure, carrrrrrrrssssss everywhere!
 Exhibit B
and here's where you depend on someone to be kind and let you turn left into the traffic flow. Granted the cars turning right (red one straight ahead) have it worse, so there is that

On the days when I travel by myself, I occasionally try a new little bit here and there. I don't like change to my routes if they work, so this is only if it's a complete disaster somewhere.

One day I tried D's way (this one above) and I determined that it was the first and last. I hate feeling like I have to beg to be let in...

I'll take my chances crossing a busy road with no traffic light rather than this craziness.

I worked in the previous location for 14 years and after a few weeks of finding the best way at the best time (turn left and go one way except if after dark then rather turn right. Slightly longer but probably safer), I drove the same way to work all the time. No, it's not boring for me - it's comforting!

Except when I joined that new team and had to be at work at the crack of dawn - well then, all ways were horrible and I tried different routes all the time just in case there was a magic way that was better than any other (there wasn't).

Tell me about your traffic personality.

PS next time I'm going to talk about what happens when I get lost (hint - it's not a pretty sight)


  1. I love going through suburbs and have two routes between school and work - depending on traffic flow at one point. I have turning right where there is not mini circle or traffic light so I totally avoid that.

    1. the only time I like driving through suburbs is if the roads are long and straightish :) and PRETTY!

  2. I am similar to you, I hate the whole zig zagging through the suburbs thing! Straight as the crow flies for me thanks as long as it is flowing and smooth! That said I tend to take the hiway cos it moves consistently all the way to work but I do have three back road routes as well in case the hi way is a mare (which it often is)


    1. I took the highway today and was very nicely reminded why the one offramp is NEVER a good idea. Ever. Even at 10 am in the morning.

  3. I'm with you on the anti zig zagging! I even get into my eventual lane straight away, I'd hate to miss my turn because no one would give me a gap.

    1. that is so YOU, Louisa! And strangely the taxis are often the ones who let me in if I need to change lanes!

  4. I don't know what personality I am but I do know I am opposite to David. I hate confrontation on the traffic - so if I am in the wrong lane, I go the wrong way. I generally don't use another way because it generally never works outs. But that said - I sit in traffic for 20 min a day on a bad day!

    1. If I'm in the wrong lane, I'll indicate to move but I don't push in. If people don't want to let me in, so be it, and I'll drive around the block and fix it somewhere else. I pull over and let the iphone lady direct me.

  5. My way is the shortest distance between two places. I am not big into driving around.

  6. Mmmm....I think I am opposite to you and similar to D. I love to drive in the leafy suburbs. That's where I get all the nice photo opportunities. That said, I don't mind the highway but ours is too congested with the traffic. I never like ask "permission" to be let in - I flow into it. Lance showed me how. Also. I am VERY happy to try a new route. But never in the morning because it's risky. Always on the way home.


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