Tuesday, December 30, 2014

{2014 review} health, wealth and happiness - part 3

So let's carry on with the 2014 review.

I wonder if anyone else is interested in these posts. Ha - I'm mainly writing this down for me.

Health and fitness
  1. My weight loss goal wasn't reached - I'm too scared to look at what I weighed in the beginning of the year but I weigh more now!
  2. I've been excellent with consistently going to weekly cardio, but the toning only happened for those 4 months I was off work.
Some stats? Sure thing :)

56 workouts at the gym, 52 photo walks with the big camera (plus about 8 - 10 with just the iphone) and 36 Spanish dance lessons. That's a whole lot of active (compared to previous years) that I'm happy about.

The Fitbit and I are getting along just fine these days. You get 100 points on Discovery for walking 7500 steps so I never aim for 10 000 anymore. I found I used to "kill myself" getting to 10 000 and then I had really sore feet for a day or two afterwards. Now I aim for 7500 and that's just nicely comfortable. I need to get to my goal this month and I'll feel like a rock star!


I set a goal for 70 books, 15 non-fiction, and I'm reading number 80 right now...... I've read the MOST amazing book recently which deserves its own post.

Most importantly, I finished all but ONE of my physical book novels so I'm SUPER chuffed!


I tried out 26 new recipes (the goal was 25) and a fair amount of those were from the Se7en blog :) EASY peasy.

This was year 2 of me trying new recipes and I love it so I'm continuing next year.

Photo walks

I did 52 walks (accurate because of my photo organising system) with the big camera, and about 8 - 10  with the iphone (this is when Connor says, "no PHOTOS, just walking").

This is one of my most favourite things we did this year. I especially loved the winter walks because I love walking in the cold, and I realise that I've done two this month because it's so darn hot.

Project life

I've kept up with my monthly project life. It's built into my monthly goals and my monthly photo organising system so it just ticks along.

Kendra likes looking through the album every month :)


40th birthday party

Did this this year. Don't know if I'll do another birthday party next year. If I do, I'm going super small.

And I went to Ballito for 5 days. Now this was a super fantastic idea - I thoroughly recommend going away for your birthday to a happy place.

Last but not least, business

Financially, my 4th worst year ever. Yes. Somehow I couldn't care less?

However, I am very proud of 3 things:
  1. I wrote a weekly newsletter for about 50 of the 52 weeks this year. Amazing. It's quite a bit of work.
  2. I also wrote 31 days of enough time, a blog series turned book. I'm super proud of this - it's some of my favourite thoughts on time management
  3. And then I wrote a new time ecourse, Help! I need more time. This one is soooo good. Actually, I think I'll take it myself again :) It has way too much content for what I was charging (the people who took it even said so!) though so I only ran it once. I need to brainstorm this with Beth to see what I can do with it. Maybe make it into 10 weeks? I don't know.

I also want to mention another little thing that worked so well this year - dates with each kid.

LOVED the individual time with them, and they love it too.

Now I want to leave you with something sweet. On Saturday I KILL it in the gym (a bit of showing off with all those 16-year-olds) and sometimes like this Saturday, my blood pressure was a bit too low so I felt ill afterwards.

We were all going to go to my favourite store (Mega Mica) - that's not sarcastic - I love hardware stores. And PAINT!

But because I wasn't feeling well, I decided to stay. And so I said to Kendra, "Baby, can I ask you to do me a favour? Will you stay with me and take care of me?" And she smiled big (my little nurturer) and said, "yes, of course, Mummy". She bounded out to D and said, "Daddy, I'm not coming with you - I'm going to stay home with Mummy" and of course, we exchanged raised eyebrows because THE CUTENESS!

She brought me water and Panado, and we had a lovely time of quiet girl stuff on the bed :)

Tell me how it went with you in these 3 areas!


  1. K is so sweet and my darling C bossy pants (love love love)

    They was a lot of walks. And you definitely did good in 2014!

    Health wise I did get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but now need to focus on a new weight loss plan. Exercise wise not a lot of gym going (Relative though, as I used to go at least 5-6 times per week so 2-3 per week for me is not a lot) but I did loads of solo walking and as of today I am on 687km since I started tracking in May! Maybe I can get it to 700 for the year! That would be great!!! Not much reading happened here hopefully will remedy that in 2015 - this was my worst year. I started many books but sadly didn't finish many.

    More baking happened around here (not good for my waist line) joys of having a good working oven.

    Wealth!! Hmmmm that's another story but slowly getting to where I want to be

  2. So sweet of K... :-)

    Health: after a disasterous kick off to 2014 with a week.in hospital for kidney stones, the rest actually went pretty well.

    Wealth: haha...no comment.

    Happiness: my joy was sucked by a new captain. Also other areas of potential joy are not looking bright and shiny right now, but on the N front everything is fantastic. It's me, I know...I must not allow other people to do my head in.

    I'm in the process of a reset. ;-)

  3. Ah man. I LOVE your little nurturer.

    Is this meant to be part 2?

    Health: No chest infections. For the most part OK. Zero exercise. Thought I did do a fair amount of swimming and some walking.

    Wealth: No comment. I seem to get poorer every year. Not sure what that's about. I've not made ANY FURTHER DEBT for 3 years now!

    Happiness: Work in progress. I guess you win some, you lose some?

  4. What a sweet child!

    As for me...

    Health: it was a year of lurgi for about 4 months for us - Kade got sick, made Gemma sick, made me sick, made Cliff sick. Rinse repeat. But thankfully we are now all HEALTHY. (Long may it last) I started running properly again and it has been SO GOOD for me - mentally and physcically.

    Wealth: we had to pay a lot of bills for Gemma's birth that were not covered by medical aid, added the disaster of our 4 month lurgi with many expensive doctor visits and my TWO crowns that we had to pay out of pocket and well lets just say we're poorer this year than we wanted to be.

    Happiness: Overall we cannot complain. We had way more highs than lows and our life is good and blessed. Happy we are!



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