Friday, December 05, 2014

{Friendship Friday} with the Youngs, and no-plans weekends

A slight diversion - someone I follow linked to someone who linked to a post about how to pluralise surnames and that post went viral. Did you see it?

But as usual, you had to read the comments. Oh my word!

When I typed Youngs, it made me think of that post :)

This meet-up was way, way overdue.

As in... we were supposed to meet up last December at Bambanani when Kade got sick.

So basically Sam and I have always had 1:1 friend dates which is lovely but it restricts meeting times when you're both mothers.

Sam, did you read that? MOTHERS!

Moving on (I sometimes still can't believe that!)

This is the first time I saw this little one in the flesh and OH, she is a delight. A delight I tell you.

My kids love this child.

Even tonight K was looking through my phone and squealed (I wonder where she gets that from?!) when she saw Gemma.

As for Kade, he is such a well-mannered little boy (you all know I have a soft spot for kids with good manners).

Do you know what he said to me????


My lamp!

(It is nothing fancy!)

Kade and my kids played together so nicely and you may recall a pic of the 3 of them eating ice-cream.

We had such a lovely afternoon with all of them and I can't wait to do it more often.

It's so nice when the husbands and kids get on, isn't it?

Sam is one of the most encouraging and generous-spirited people I know. I love seeing her comments on my blog and on other blogs and Instagram feeds.

Such a blessing you are :)

And yet she can also speak the truth in love. I love people like this in my life and I appreciate it in you, Sam!

This one was taken right after the kids' baths in my very sunny kitchen.

Well now, I do believe I'm finally caught up with October posts!!!

Every year, at this time, D comes up with this theory that we're too busy and we need to only socialise on max two weekends a month.

That's all well and good but this is a bad time of year and because of recency, everything feels worse.

And obviously in winter, Joburgers hibernate so it all evens out (in my mind).

But I wonder if there might be something to having a very loose plan.

Do you do intentional socials, or more to the point, intentional no-plans weekends?


  1. I try my level best throughout the year to not book more than 1 event per weekend. I just feel exhausted and cranky if I don't stick to that. Sometimes I do schedule a completely down weekend when I feel like we need it.

  2. We often do not socialize over weekends for ourselves but then the kids' stuff totally makes up for that.

  3. My friend it still blows my mind that I am a mother - nearly 4 years down the line and it BLOWS MY MIND! And not to just one baby but TWO - how good is our faithful Father??

    Thank you for the kind words about me and my family - especially about my boy being well mannered - that is one of my TOP priorities as a mom I cannot stand the thought of me raising ill mannered kids! We had such a divine time as well and we need to set the next date - you guys are coming to ours next :)

    We have times when we are crazy busy and then when we have nothing on... I try and even it all out but it just doesn't work like that... so when we have down time we relish it! I think we must ensure that we have some weekends where we just relax and DO NOTHING but hang out as a small family unit. Would do wonders for the soul!


  4. I try to keep our social calendar empty as much as possible. Sometimes I would have two socials in one weekend but that I can handle if nothing else is planned and they are both not on the same day.


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