Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm grinchy, on edge and super stabby

When I went on leave last Friday, our assistant was supposed to send a client some documents and copy me.

She had the whole day to do it but she still hadn't done it by 2.45ish when I left.

In terms of SLA, we have to send these things by the 15th of every month. So on Monday the 15th (while on leave), I sent her an SMS to check if it was done.

No reply.

So I thought I'd leave it especially since I was in the sticks and couldn't do anything about it anyway.

On Sunday I checked my work emails and saw that I wasn't copied into anything. It was late at night so I decided to wait for the morning.

Yesterday I sent her another message (this time she's on leave) to check on this thing.

An aside - I normally wouldn't go to these extremes but this is a Very Difficult Client (and I'm being kind here), we've already had run-ins, and ultimately, it's my butt on the line.

Again, no reply immediately but about 4 hours later, she sends me a whatsapp saying all is well and to have faith in her and her work.

So this sends me over the edge.

Once I calmed down a little, I simply thanked her for confirming that the documents were sent and the reason I've been chasing up is we've given him our word and I have heard nothing.

Of course no answer.

I'm going to have to make a meeting with her and document exactly what my expectations are. I can't have this nonsense when I'm trying to build relationships and increase credibility with these clients who are already a little bit unsettled by changes in the company.

 That's one!

The other thing is my kids seriously have stopped listening.

One on one they are angels, but together, they're being "demanding" and they just simply ignore me.

I thought we needed something "fun" to do to decompress so I took the two of them to do a Santa's workshop thing. Biscuits, icing, that kind of thing....

R30 each for 45 minutes, but think of it as babysitting!!!

I had 20 minutes of lovely shopping, went to sit down and ordered a tea and French toast (hadn't had lunch yet). The tea just arrives and I drink about half a cup when I had to go fetch them.

That cup was half cold when I got back and my French toast had arrived.

Aside - why mess with something when it's perfect? Nino's have changed the way they do French toast  - they now dip it in cornflakes and it's deep fried. Horrible. You can't even taste the egg in the bread. If I wasn't shaking from hunger (literally), I'd have sent it back and asked for normal French toast.

Ate about a half a slice when C wanted to go pee.

K said she didn't need to so off I run with a waiter watching the one and my HUGE trolley full of Mr P Home stuff (I'm a fast shopper - I don't dilly-dally).

Get back with C, have ONE slice of toast and half a cup of lukewarm tea and K says she needs to pee.

I said you can wait til we're done and you know what she said? If I pee in my skirt, it's your fault.


So I just gave up!

I rushed to the manager, asked for the bill, paid and rushed the kids out of there.

While in the loo, I remembered the trolley, went back and got them home.

This is after they don't want to listen and walk nicely in the parking lot FULL of cars because it's Christmas.

And then it rained.

When we got home, the kids and I rushed in, I obviously tossed my packets on the tiles with a bit too much force and heard it - two of my three lovely little bowls had cracked.


So I put the kids in time-out for not listening, and wrapped the bowls right up.

Isn't that just the perfect end to a "lovely" afternoon?

And now I'm having a time-out writing to all of you.

Once I hit publish, I'm going to have a lovely mug of tea and ignore everyone even if the house burns down around me.

Are you at least full of the joys of Christmas?

PS I caught my new nanny SWEEPING my natural fibre carpets (so all the threads are pulling loose). Of course I freaked out and she said, "Ma'am {that's another story all on its own}, the vacuum cleaner's been broken for three weeks"


PPS is my word of the year supposed to be patience?


  1. Very grinchy here too. Both kids have lost their ears. This morning I told Lance that I am not enjoying my holiday and that I am going to find myself a place to book into for at least two days of peace and quiet. Shame, he's got the man flu so is not much help. I went for a good swim earlier and felt better afterwards. Then came home and things went back to square 1. No listening. Lots of shouting(!!). Ignoring me until I go bos. Ugh. I sent them to rest for the afternoon. Then Joel told me that he's done resting. Then I gave him meds for a runny nose. Enough meds so he could SLEEP! Sigh. I think we're having a family meeting tonight where we will address ALL THE ISSUES.
    Also. Your PA would push me right over the edge! THAT is why I don't trust anyone and do ALL THE THINGS myself! And then people want to say that I have trouble delegating stuff!

    1. Oh dear, it's all the kids then!

      Let me know how the family meeting goes :)

  2. I was grinchy over the weekend but I was totally over stimulated. D and I had a time out on Monday which helped a lot.

    Jack started off the holiday behaving terribly. It caused a fight between my dad and I, the days were just one long tantrum but he is so much better now.

    Its been a really great holiday so far!

    1. My D and I are going for a tea (A HOT CUP) tomorrow morning because as it happens they didn't pack one of my purchases at Mr P. When I phoned, they said they ran after me but I was so fast they couldn't see me :)

      Glad you're enjoying your holiday, Laura!

  3. You need more than a mug of tea!!! I was exhausted reading this!!! Sorry my friend. Tomorrow is another day and hope the kids start behaving better.

    Ps: has nanny S had her baby?

    1. She has!! The baby just didn't want to come - it was due first week of December. I was getting worried and I kept SMSing her to monitor the movement very carefully.

      And so she said she was doing that….

      Finally on Friday (on Nicola's birthday and my born-again birthday), Emmanuel was born :)

      D and Kendra dropped off a Christmas hamper and more presents today and they say he is super cute and tiny!

      I'll tell her you asked after her - she will love that :)

  4. We're having a bit of the same here. I've told N, if she keeps acting up in the shops I won't take her with me again. It's been super annoying!

    1. that's what I did. Next day D and I went to the shops for a date (tea and we shared a scone) and to pick up something else I forgot at Mr P Home in my rush.... and they SOBBED because we left them. I said, I don't make the same mistake twice, chickens!!!! And SKIPPED out of here :) xxx

  5. What am awful day. Here's a cup of hot tea and cake for you. ( )

    1. AH, thank you :) A cup of tea is ALWAYS a good thing!

  6. I was super grinchy before Christmas too... but your story wins! Kade has not listened well for the whole time we've had holiday. It's driving me insane and I am shouting too much... cannot wait for him to go back to school!


  7. Five is the age of not listening! Terrible twos? Trying threes? They have nothing on five.

  8. When my eldest was 2, we moved to Dubai for three years. She was at an impossible stage at the time and after a few months of putting up with the most horrific tantrums in public places, we simply stopped going out. And if we *had* to take them someplace with us, we'd make it clear that any tantrums would be met with a swift return to the car and home. We had to do this and follow through a few times. It was about 2 years before we could safely go to a restaurant again but she eventually learned that acting up and throwing tantrums would NOT be tolerated or rewarded.
    I was super grinchy this Christmas, mostly because I love to spoil my people with big gifts and, due to a complicated payment arrangement with a client of mine, I simply couldn't. Also, I really didn't want to go away on holiday. I thought we could rather spend the petrol, accommodation and food money it takes to drive down to the Cape on fun things here in Joburg. I was outvoted and we went away. I ended up enjoying it after all... ;-P


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