Monday, December 15, 2014

Monochrome Monday and Glamming...

One of my favourite ways to use black and white is when the colours are too busy, nothing complements each other and you almost don't know what to focus on in the photo.

It's really easy for the mother who couldn't care less about the clothes to still have nice pics.

My example... a bit too busy

Much better!

See? Now you don't have to make your kids wear the same/ co-ordinating clothes - just make the pic black and white!

And then that same night (our year-end), the kids took some photos of us.

Both the skew photos (remember when that was all the rage a few years ago? there was even a joke that a skew pic on Instagram got x times as many likes as a straight pic) and that canvas make me twitch but we'll take what we can get with our budding photographers.

In other news, Mandy told me how to access the monochrome setting on my Canon. I'm slightly embarrassed to say I'd never experimented before, and I've had the camera for THREE YEARS!


(read your manual if you don't want to be like me)

I posted a pic to FB saying it's been YEARS since we dressed up. I think it was probably 10 years ago at a work function and the two weddings we've been to, we just wear work clothes.

Which means I had to buy the dress.

What about you?
How often do you dress up?


  1. Love love love love the pictures and I love the skew pictures. I like the angles !!! That first One of you and D is just stunning. Canvas worthy! Love it.

    I used to use all the colour options on my small canon but a professional photographer friend told me to always take in colour since I can then play with it and now that's what I do. Once I was crazy about sephia pictures!! Now I'm wondering what I was thinking.

    Dress up not much around here but I always have something in my wardrobe or 2 that I can fall back on if there's a dress up opportunity

  2. I second that, I always want to shoot in color and edit to mono. However I rarely bother to try things out in mono.

    Those are some lovely photos of you & D! It's wonderful having little people around! They're becoming useful!!! As for the dress up, once in a never. I avoid it if possible, and it always involves the purchase of an outfit. Gil has a few suits and most of a tux so he rotates. Sadly I ditched all my pre baby clothes and once the girls hit 2.5 years I was almost back down to pre-baby size. Sigh.

  3. We dress up for weddings. The year after I met David ALL of his friends got married which meant a lot of dressing up.

  4. The only thing I dress up for these days is weddings. You look lovely!

  5. I pretty much only dress up for weddings these days and they are in short supply. I do have a little black dress that comes in handy if I ever do need to dress up but it's really not often that it happens.

    You guys look so cute and in love! LOVE that after all your years together.



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