Monday, December 01, 2014

Monochrome Monday and some things on my mind

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Last week I decided not to do a Monochrome Monday post and then even Jenty joined in *blush* :)

So this week we're ON!


Last weekend it was raining and cold so I told the kids I'd make them some tea.

When we got home, I couldn't find their (rooibos) tea.

I sent messages to Nanny S (old nanny - baby still hasn't arrived for those interested) and new nanny M.

No-one knew where about the tea.

It's not a box of tea - I store the tea bags in a glass sweet jar i received as a thank-you gift from a broker 18 YEARS AGO for getting a payment done super quick.

Did you get that? 18 years ago.

It's the only thing I have from that company and it was a very nice sweet jar. Of course it was, otherwise I wouldn't have kept it.

Do you know how crazy this makes me?

Does anyone know that story in the Bible where the woman loses a coin and turns her whole house upside down?

That's me.

That day I made them hot chocolate instead, and D had to make a special dash into the shops after church on the Sunday to get some more tea bags.

It's not the tea bags. Who cares about R15?

It's the fact that one weekend it was there and the next weekend it wasn't. I make them tea when I make my afternoon tea so I know it was there the previous weekend.

I don't want to accuse people but where is the jar of tea?

I've turned the kitchen upside down like a woman possessed and nothing. I just went through the pantry one more time.... super carefully....nothing. I'm going to do the same with the sideboard and that blue cupboard (those who've visited know that blue cupboard) and hopefully I find it.

The kids insist they know nothing about it. Granted, I store it up quite high and they've reached for sweets before , but never for tea bags ;)

So, if you were a glass jar full of teabags, where would you hide?
 (I actually do ask myself this question when I "lose" things)

How do you react to things you can't find?
 (PS this is why I'm organised - because I can't STAND it when I can't find things)

PS I accidentally put this child in time out today and I need to apologise in the morning because D told me the whole story came out later and there was much more to it than what I first thought

Which is your favourite black and white picture?


  1. I love, and am curious, about the post with all the pictures on it.

    I absolutely hate that feeling of doing wrong by the ladies. I accidentally put the wrong one in during an 'altercation' and felt terrible. Thankfully the wrong-doer spoke up immediately but I still was pretty lenient the next time something arose.

    1. It's quite amazing - black and white prints plastered all over that pillar (it's under a bridge so amazing atmosphere)

  2. Oh the last one for sentiment - but that column with the pictures/posters is stunning. BTW did you check the fridge?

    1. only about 3 times! My fridge gets messy quickly because of all the hands in there so I straighten it about twice a week.

  3. I am like you I will hunt and hunt and hunt until I find what is missing. I just cannot let it go!

    Love all the photo's! That last one is just special. A daddy and his precious girl.

    BTW I love that you apologized for "wrong time out". I apologise to Kade as well when I lose my temper as I believe it's important for our kids to learn that we are also fallible and can make mistakes and TAKE ownership of them!


    1. Oh thanks Sam. I wrote her a "I'm sorry" card and talked to her this morning. She loved the card!!!

  4. We lose things in this house daily. DRIVES ME BATSH*T CRAZY!!!!! Its mainly because my ADD brain doesn't focus on one thing. So I would take the tea jar down from the cupboard, then I will remember to take the meat out for dinner, so will put the jar down, then I will go back to it, then I boil the kettle, make Jack some toast, move the jar out of his way etc etc - by the time I am finished making the tea the jar could be anywhere in our house!

    1. LOL i think I'd go mad in your case :)

  5. I like the pillar with the photos on one.

    Maybe the jar broke and the evidence was whisked away?

    1. You know? That's the most reasonable explanation. It's of course the NOT KNOWING that's making me dilly!

  6. I hate loosing things and it drives me batty. I would turn out the house until I find it. If only someone who own up to breaking it it putting it some where else. I hope you find it or at least find out what happened to it.

    My favourite is the last one, a shared moment between daddy and daughter

    1. I know! It's the not knowing :(

  7. Nooo I forgot this week!! Love the pillar with papers on it

    1. I'm going to whatsapp you every Monday :)

  8. As I say in our house "I guess Mr Nobody took it then?" .. I can't stand it when things just go missing without a trace. If it's really gone, I can only imagine Mr Nobody dropped it and it broke.. and now Mr Nobody doesn't want to come forward!


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