Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Newtown shoot - part 2

Remember we did shoot 1? Something happened to the memory card so we had to scramble to get another slot. That means we missed gym, the house was a wreck but we went to get the second batch of photos done.

So because we were working on such a tight schedule, I literally RAN down the street in Newtown to get a few pics in front of the grey door and then a little bit further to get the rest of these.


FOR THE LOVE!!! Magnificent!

I was so glad this lady walked by - she fits in perfectly with all the colour

I believe I can fly :)
Did you enjoy seeing those photos?
What were the most fun pics you took this year?
I loved being in Newtown and taking these pics! Some of my favourites this year!


  1. OMW the picture of K alone reminds me so much of the picture on some of your marketing material. Love love love the pictures. So fun and playful and if you didn't mention it would never have guessed it was done in a rush

  2. I love all the wall art...perfect backdrop for your photos. I need to carry my camera with me more this year.

  3. I loved the 2nd shoot as well - found some amazing wall art!


  4. These are amazing!!


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