Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Secret Santa and Our Santa Shoebox drop-off 2014

So we had our Secret Santa gift exchange at work yesterday and I got a diary!

A very pretty one but I've had my 2015 one for 2 and a half months already.

Who of you still use paper diaries like I do? It's yours if you want it.

Now, as I'm making tonight Goals Night, I thought I'd quickly share the photos from our drop-off.

ah, graffiti!

our after-gym attire

pile of presents

busy little elves

D caught me laughing :)

This year's SSB
  1. Only doing 4 boxes instead of last year's 12. It felt much more manageable.
  2. The shops had all the clothing sizes I needed first time around (miracle!) so I only needed to shop once properly, and then again as part of our grocery shop for the sweets.

  1. The signing up process was a big pain in the behind. I think I only managed to sign up my 4 kids on the 4th or 5th attempt.
  2. Reduced drop-off times. It was a real push to get the boxes there within the shorter allocated time slots at this time of year.

What was your experience like this year?
Which photo do you like?


  1. I'm sure we must be the only ones in 2014 who still use diaries. Love them.

    Love the picture of you laughing and the elves at work. My experience was good guess because I didn't register until a little later in the process and I chose where Laura was so I got to see her at work and chat for a few minutes before she had to go back to work!

    1. Ps: we had secret Santa at work one year it was a nightmare! The organizer's secret Santa didn't get her anything IMAGINE

  2. I use the same Moleskine diary that I have been using for 10 years (week in a view, note pages on the right). I have to admit that I now use it more for the home/personal than work stuff that is all on Outlook and the ipad/iphone. This year I had a Lego one - next year's Peanuts one already has a few items in it.

    And what a pretty drop off you have - love the one of the church windows. Yes the signing up was terrible this year - took me ages but I guess its a good sign that the site is just very busy. And we did all the shopping in one morning, me and 4 kids (A Bff was with us the weekend). The kids chose everything up to the colour of the face cloths and tooth brushes.

  3. I won a personalised paper diary - I love it. It says HarassedMom on the cover :)


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