Sunday, December 07, 2014

So, let's talk about the load-shedding...

This might be an unpopular stance but I'm actually enjoying the load-shedding.

Especially at this time of year because it's forcing me to slow down and just be...

I've figured out the best positions for all the candles so we have maximum light throughout the house (the old-fashioned tall ones are still the best) and yes, I use my fancier ones too so I only have 3 new ones not yet lit. They'll be put to use later this week if this continues. 

I'm reading a physical book at the moment so instead of reading the iPad,  I'm going to pack my work bag, edit photos til the laptop gives in (we have a flask of boiling water ready for tea!) and be ready to jump into bed at 10 pm when the power comes back on.

Are you just totally annoyed by the load-shedding... Or have you adapted yet?

P.S. We won't talk about the traffic!


  1. I'm still lost. Why is the grid larger than the power company can supply? And why isn't there continual load shedding year round? People here would absolutely DIE if this happened. They go mad when power isn't immediately restored after storms or disasters. A lot of the houses in the neighborhood have back up generators to keep their houses on in the event of a failure.

  2. The only place where it really gets to me is in traffic. There are generators everywhere I usually go...but it rakes 2.5 hours to get there!

  3. It frustrates me at the office as we do not have back up generators. At home we have a gas cooker with two plates so I am k with that (a plus from being a camper - you have proper gas stuff) . However they are seriously damaging our economy. And our small retailers.

  4. I don't mind it at all. But then I'm prepared for it. And when it happens at work, then I get organised and tidy up and declutter my work space.

  5. Haha... load shedding, dare I say is my friend. It forces me to be disciplined and get dinner on the table timeously - and to be honest in summer we sat outdoors until way too late... but if I want my littles to be in bed timeously then we have to get dinner done when the power is on for that short window in the early evening. If I don't get dinner done then dinner can wait until 11!!! Gasp... so it keeps me in line!!! And I kind of like candelit evening with everyone reading around the table together. And in the day... well heaps is getting done around here... decluttering like you have never seen before!!!

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  7. If I wanted to live with candles and no geyser, I would have moved to a farm

  8. There are a few things that bother me about the load shedding... I sit in hectic traffic at the BEST of times so you can just imagine my thoughts about how bad it gets when the powers off (*&(^T&%^%%$#$#$&&^*(&(&()*()!!!!

    Secondly if there was a proper schedule that was followed and was posted IN ADVANCE, I could be adequeately prepared and it would not really bother me too much. BUT this one hours notice is driving me nuts - we prepare for the days we are supposed to be shed anyway BUT often we waste electricity by preparing when we don't need to cos they don't cut us... Forewarned is forarmed in my opinion...

    Thirdly the damage to our already volatile and tender economy - this is REALLY what breaks my heart especially when one hears that the Eskom executives are all getting MASSIVE bonuses and the CEO earns 22 million a year... makes me want to PUKE!

    That said, I do enjoy that we are all talking more and playing "old school" games more. That last night we could just chill to the sound of the rain pattering on our roof...


  9. Load shedding doesn't bother me but then it's not as bad yet in our city, and I think 99% of the time I'm not home during load shedding. Also because I grew up with permanent load shedding. A good day is when you have power for 6 hours and a normal day is no power in 24 hours!!! I also don't drive much during the week so I'm kind of shielded from traffic woes. I make sure we have hot water in flasks so at least K can get warm milk if all else fails.

  10. It doesn't bother me when it occurs during the day and at the scheduled PE they just don't get it we have invested in a generator and now load shedding is painless.


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