Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The search for the jacarandas

People think I like always going on walks but I've said this before, once I'm out the gate, I'm good. I just don't think about it til I get out the gate.

(same with gym - I don't even give myself an option. On a Sat morning I roll out of bed, pull on my gym clothes, brush my teeth, etc. and off I go)

And I always enjoy "having done" the activity.

I find the kids are excellent at keeping me focussed. So if I say, "we really should go for a photowalk to look for jacarandas" they remind me til we do it.

This time, we even got D excited so he drove us to a street where he'd seen "good jacaranda trees" and the kids and I went mad!

purple carpets (imagine how close I was to the ground... and then imagine the people watching us... yes, I don't care at all. I want the pictures!

then we drove to more "good trees" and got out to walk around

isn't this a cool shot? All artsyish

don't worry, we were watching her

So that's it for another year. I just love looking out for these beautiful purple flowers.

What are your spring photo obsessions?

Mine? Any flowers and definitely these beautiful purple trees.


  1. Love love love love the pictures. The fifth picture is my best. Love the glow of the sun. That's one of the reasons I enjoy my walks through my neighbourhood. Seeing things I won't see if I was driving past. Spring for me equals jacaranda. I'm like a kid in eve candy store. They make me so excited

  2. My favourite is the one with the sun shining behind D. The petals, the curb, the angle and the light are stunning!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pictures as always. Number 4, 5 and 8 are my BEST.

    Spring = the scent of Jasmine on the air and Jacaranda's for me. Love this time of year. Such new life and abundance.


  4. They are all gorgeous photos.

  5. What amazing pics!! Love jacarandas!!


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