Wednesday, December 10, 2014

When you get home a little earlier, what do you do?

I like to have a plan if I miraculously get home a little bit early, a little something extra that I can quickly do with the kids.

So on this particular day a meeting finished early and I decided we should go for a walk.

These photos were taken with my little pink friend #Nikon

Do you ever get home earlier than expected? How do you use the time? Or do you just get straight on with supper?


  1. Maybe I am just getting old because lately I get home totally knackered and I crash and sometimes nap for 30 minutes before K gets home and I have to start supper.

  2. Straight to dinner, saving those extra few minutes for after bedtime. Now that the ladies are in school and I don't spend every waking minute with them the guilt is starting to rain down. :/

  3. If we have a bit of time we either try to make something, or sometimes I just like to sit in the garden catching my breath while Nicola clowns around outside.

  4. I very seldom get home earlier but a walk is often on the agenda too. Love that tree line street

  5. Early is relative . In the past I would head to the gym these days I usually go for a walk with K around the neighborhood or let her practice her long.walk to freedom

    Love love love the pictures in this post

  6. Mmmm...I actually get on with things so we have more free time after dinner to read/relax/hang out etc. I actually MUST cook as soon as I get home - nothing will get done if I come in and sit down straight away.

  7. Love the images in this post! LOVE!

    If I get home earlier we bundle the kids into their prams and off we go! To the park to play and then I try get a bit of a run in sometimes too sans kids if I've not had one in a while. Or we play on the lawn or something like that. Dinner can wait.



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