Monday, January 12, 2015

5 on a Monday

I only lost 0.2 kg at Weigh-Less on Saturday. During the talk I figured out what's going on. Since I've joined about 6 times before, I thought I knew everything and didn't even crank open the book or properly eat all my food.

The thing with Weigh-less is you have to eat the entire formula (right now as I'm blogging I'm eating my last yoghurt of the day) or it doesn't work.

So I made a spreadsheet and I'm marking off as I eat food.

Hopefully things go better this week.

 Generally on a Monday I go to a 6:30 class at the gym and when I get back, D goes. Tonight I said, I can't BEAR the thought of going to gym so D said let's all go. I remembered Robyn's been doing that with her family so I agreed (madness!) and it was actually fun.

I'm not convinced that it's sustainable while the kids are in school... but it might work if we feed them supper before.

They told us, "Mummy, we were the only two kids in pyjamas. Even the little babies wore normal clothes" so I said, "well, aren't you lucky kids, getting to be out in your pyjamas?" :)

So school starts on Wednesday. The kids are excited, we're (mostly) ready and all that needs to be done is to buy 4 white facecloths.

I made banana and raisin oatmeal muffins the other day - I intended them for quick breakfasats if the kids were late getting up for school but they were so yummy they're all gone :o

I've just finished all the photos from the Drakensberg holiday so I can start blogging those soon. But the December photos are far from done.

I'm itching to finish it all up so I can finish up my Project Life, back up my disc and do all those sorts of things.

When I'm done I plan to do a photo post in numbers for 2014.

For fun, how many photos do you think I took on the big camera in 2014? 

I have no idea about the iphone.

PS these photos are from last year this time :)


  1. Love the pictures. Interestingly I took K with me to gym today. Not practical for work days because it means we'll only be home around 7:45!!!

    I think you took at least 5000 pictures with The big camera

  2. I am quite nervous about breakfast for N come Wednesday. She's not exactly motivated to get going in the I strongly suspect it's going to be banana in the car or a slice of toast in the car...or anything the car!

    Photos...mmm....somewhere between 2000 and 3000?

  3. Hallo - great to read the blog again. Love that last picture. Hope your school year goes really really well

  4. I tried taking mine to gym in the afternoon/evening but it doesn't work. They are fine at gym but really unsettled when we get home - its not worth it (for me).

    Good luck for school tomorrow :)

  5. Hope your first day at school is smooth tomorrow!

    I think you took 8789 photo's with the big camera ;-)


  6. You know I've been terribly out of this Kindergarten???!!!

    (Love your response about pajamas...HA!)

  7. Gosh I have no idea how many photos I have taken...but there is a LOT! Love all your images.

  8. Geeze, you take zillions of pictures! I'm guessing 7000!
    Welcome to school life. I hope the Nannies have been sorted out!
    I am soooo. faaaaaaar. beeeeeeehind on PL. I haven't printed December and only recently put October in. I keep looking at kits but I think I might finally be on to printing my own. I keep finding freebies on Pin.terest and have started making my own. Have you made any yourself? Any success??

  9. About 15k photos? I say go for it with kids and gym one day a week. Trial and error. Tweak.


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