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7 things I want to do less of in 2015

I want to do a few of these kind of posts. If not your thing, mark as read and see you tomorrow :)


This is my biggie of the year. I need to stop shouting. Yes, I'm an expressive and what-not but I need to just stop. I listen to myself sometimes and it's like I'm another person.

Some people drink wine and apparently I shout.

(the kids need to also listen but they're 5.5)

Psalm 141:3

Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!

Put up with things

I don't naturally put up things but somehow over the years as my "personality style" got refined, I'm a bit more tactful and soft. And some of it is good, but I've put up with lots of things I shouldn't.

This is part of the year of enough.

I spoke to our assistant and made my expectations very clear. She's now giving me good and timeous feedback, long may that last.

I used to say I have a low tolerance for nonsense, and I want that low tolerance back.

In small things like tossing out junk and getting things done around the house (painting - OH how I hate the process, but I do love the after-effects), but also in the bigger things like dealing with stuff (teachers, relationships, work stuff, etc.).

Force myself to finish books
I'm a finisher a la Gretchen Rubin and that is good with work stuff and project things (verrrrrry good with this) but it plays out with reading in that I feel like I can't stop a book once I've started. Even if it's terrible.

Thank goodness for Kindle samples because I've gotten much better over the last 2 - 3 years, but I could still let go more. I can think of at least 3 books that were a complete waste of time in 2014 but I forced myself to finish them.

D told me he realised that at his current pace of about 40 a year, he calculated that it will take him til he's retired to read everything (especially with favourite authors releasing books every year, and new favourite authors appearing all the time) on his bookshelf and Kindle. Scary.

Force myself to finish products I actually don't enjoy using
Same thing here. I bought two facewashes over the last 3 months that I hated. I only gave those away because I bought another in a sample size that was working.

I've also been using a BB cream and a moisturiser I don't really like solely because they're okay. And I spent the money. But enough.

Today I went to Clicks and bought the moisturiser I adore and a new BB cream, but (in my defence) I tried the BB cream on in the store and it looked good, so let's see :)

Louisa, what are these things called?

Let likes and comments on social media affect my state of mind
  1. It's still a good blog post whether people comment on it or not. There have been lots of great commentary in the blogosphere recently on how comments are down and conversation is happening elsewhere (people linking to your post, sharing on Twitter, etc.) ... yeah well. I'm not that well-adjusted yet. Plus there's no other conversation happening.
  2. It's still a good picture whether people like it or not.

Rinse and repeat.

Normally these things don't bother me much but since they're starting to affect me a bit, I want to nip it in the bud.

Spending because I "deserve it"

I see this sometimes in my spending habits. I don't need or really desperately want something but I find myself saying things like, "well I deserve it" but what am I really fixing?

I have a good filter in my head with spending and I don't spend wildly, am very responsible BUT I do say "I deserve it" for nonsense spending.

Jennifer Louden (who I LOVE!) calls these things shadow comforts. Like when you could have one block of chocolate to truly savour and treat yourself, but instead you gobble up the whole slab because you feel guilty for shouting at the children.

Less social media consumerism overall

The Fitbit lets me see how well I'm sleeping and even though I fall asleep within seconds (or a minute maximum), it's interesting to see how restless I was during the night.

My average is about 7 minutes which I think is normal, and then there are nights when the mosquitos drive me nuts and I had 56 minutes of restlessness.

But I have noticed something else. When I scroll Instagram (mostly) and very occasionally, Facebook, my restlessness increases.

Clearly my brain is still working on whatever I saw.

I just wish I could leave my phone somewhere else instead of the bedroom, but I have to tap the begin sleep button to activate sleep in the fitbit app, because if I simply tap the device on my arm, somehow it loses everything and I have to uninstall, and reinstall the app. Which, of course, is crazy.

Write your own post and link back here (if you wish) or leave me a list in the comments.

What do you want to do less of in 2015?


  1. Eat less junk!!!

    Love this list. You shout... Really I just can't picture it.

    AND Shop just because it is on sale!!! If I don't need it or have the space for it not buying it. Sale or Not!!!

    1. ooh yes, sales!!! Bad!!!! Things just jump into your arms at sales :)

  2. I am so guilty of feeling like I have to read all of a book...even if I don't like it!

    You know I buy all the books I read (I don't borrow from the library), and so I've spent money, and I *need* to get something out of it.

    I've gotten a little better at this, but it's still an opportunity.

    I used to not allow myself to start a new book before I'd finished the previous one. At least I'm better (I guess that's a good thing?) there. I have probably 5 "open" books on my nightstand now. CrAzY!

    1. OH YES!!! You and Julia are the same about libraries and really, you should work on that :) Our library is FREE if you only take 4 books out at a time, or R40 a year if you want to take out 6!


    Calliandra. I didn't know this one. What I thought it might be turned out to be something else completely.

    Things to do less of this year: stress, holding back, worrying about money, doubting in general, letting other people tip my head space...also shouting haha.

    Oh Marcia, I have so much news! I'll probably blog some today, but the top two I guess is that I am seeing someone (and it's going amazingly well)(seriously), and the other is that my uncle died yesterday...of a suspected suicide (which is so tragic my family is reeling in shock). Also work, going very well all of a sudden.

  4. Oh I love this type of post, you know! And the book one - was a resolution of mine two years ago and I still do it - I leave a book if it does not appeal. I think I need to do a blogpost

  5. I want to do less worrying about the small things that aren't really important in the bigger picture.

    1. always a great reminder to focus on the big picture!

  6. I wrote this long post...which i don't feel like re writing...1. I am giving up bothering to make friends this year (ie no more trying to organise get-togethers)..2. I am deleting social media profiles that don't make me feel good (tired of boastful fake people...)...and lastly 3. I am going to spend less and entertain my kids with free activities..plenty around (and none of the above three points were on my goal lists for this year)

  7. Great list! And yes to the not finishing (book, moisturizer, movie, etc.) if you just aren't digging it!

  8. I have low tolerance for nonsense...and I am keeping that one.

  9. I want less drama. I've isolated the culprits. In-laws and twitter. I want less anxiety and stress and worry. I'm working on that too!

  10. I am giving up saying "I'm too busy"... I say it way to often, and most of the time I really think I am, but I also use it as an excuse. So, I am rearranging, prioritising and just saying NO - and if I don't want to do something I am going to think about why I don't and not automatically say "I'm too busy"

  11. I want to shout less, be less impatient with my husband.

    I want to focus on the GOOD friendships more, run more and just be more healthy.



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