Tuesday, January 06, 2015

And now... my 2015 word! (and a linky)

So you know the whole saga about the word of the year ....

Well, after I felt all "noooo, this doesn't feel right", I said to myself, "Self, what do you want more of in your life this year?" And the answer was ENOUGH.

So I went to the Bible app on my ipad, typed in enough and there were 62 references.

And then, as it always does, all these other things flooded my mind so let me share why my word is ENOUGH.
I am enough. My confidence was knocked quite a bit last year and while I know that I absolutely am enough intellectually, it's taking a bit of time to line up my whole being.

You have no idea how, when a huge part of your identity is about being competent and accomplished, and then when people keep acting like you're not and that what you are is lacking, how that knocks you.

God is always enough. He's always been enough and it's a good reminder when the tendency is to freak out, to remember that He is enough. There's a song from years ago - "He's more than enough for me" and he is all that and then some. One of the Casting Crowns songs that PULLED me through those Monday mornings driving to work in tears was a song called Always Enough. "You're always enough"

I have enough. It's tempting to look around at others' lives on Instagram, Facebook and such and compare lives. Sometimes houses. Mostly holidays :) I don't envy other people's stuff but I must say, the holidays are a thing :) I just love holidays too much!

The truth is we have more than enough  financially so even though my business income was appalling, we still have enough and it's good to remember this when vacuum cleaners have to be repaired, when I look at the price of holidays, when I look at the price of school uniforms. My God is more than able to provide.

And then last, I have some bad behaviour patterns that I'm saying ENOUGH to this year.
  • emotional eating
  • shouting
  • too much living on the internet 
  • my tendency to want to flog dead horses :) I've spoken with two friends in the last 2 - 3 days about how all three of us have tended in the past to invest more in others whether they invest back in us. This year, no more of that. I'm going to have to work on the letting go.
And last but by no means least, I keep hammering on about how I wrote 31 days of Enough Time last year.

31 days

I loved that series.

Wait. I love that series.

It's a really good reminder to me that there is always enough time to do whatever I want. It's all about my choices (see the living on the internet point above!).

So I could say YES to more reading, more creating, more relationships, more God but instead I'm reading about strangers' lives on the internet?

There's enough time if I make good choices. There is enough time to connect with 3 am friends if I invest in those relationships instead of 20 that are of lesser importance to me.

What do you think?
(this feels 100% right for me)

What is your word for 2015?

Link up if you've written a word of the year post. I'll delete any other post because it's frustrating to people to have to read other stuff if they want to read your word.
PS the word I thought was going to be my word of the year is CONNECT


    And yes, you ARE enough. Absolutely ENOUGH.
    Going to link up mine now.

    1. Thank you for linking up - I loved your post!

  2. OK. I linked. Also. I love ALL the pictures in this post!

  3. Replies
    1. It is, isn't it? Now tell me, what is your word?

  4. You know I really LOVE this word for you ESPECIALLY because of what happened with work last year. In a way I believe that you HAD to go through all that crap to rediscover yourself while you were at home. If work was ok and all had just gone with the flow would you still think you are ENOUGH today? I don't think so. Or you would but not the way to do now.

    I have been thinking a lot about the friendships I want to nurture this year. And I agree with you 150% on what you said above about letting go of the ones who don't put in the effort. I am similar to you that I have always seemed to be the one who drives the friendships (last year though I was shocking at driving friendships) and it needs to be something that goes both ways. This year I am investing :) in the RIGHT people.


    1. I don't know, Sam. I don't think I discovered very much of myself in the process. My enoughness was certainly higher :) but my dependence on God has definitely increased.

      yes on nurturing and investing in the right relationships!


  5. His grace is enough (sufficient) for us always even when we don't realise it! And yes it is an appropriate word. Love it

    1. Enough is all over the old and new testament - I didn't even think of that 2 Corinthians scripture. Thanks

  6. Marcia...I do love that word...and after last year it fits you like a glove. I have finally settled on my word and will blog it tomorrow.

    1. It does fit me, doesn't it? :)

  7. Totally totally love your word and so very apt for this year!


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