Friday, January 30, 2015

{Friendship Friday} Salad or dessert?

I think it was Melinda who said on a post recently that she wants to entertain her kids for free this year :)

That's me.

Well, that was me last year too. I also want to have people over more often and let the kids run wild.

I think we Joburgers are putting up with too much (noise, stimulation, COST, etc.) in restaurants and not having enough true connection time.

Maybe that's just me?

When I find myself concentrating to lip-read in a restaurant, that's not a good thing.

I'm sure I've said this before but we (collective we) put pressure on ourselves to "entertain" instead of just enjoying the company of our friends.

I started out "entertaining" with tea and muffins, and it's still my go-to if all else fails. But now I do easy lunches in summer (Fournos rotisserie chickens, salad and rolls :)) and pasta, salad and garlic bread in winter. I need to find myself some other easy meal options :)

Also, let's face it - people always ask, "can I bring anything?" so if you want some "help" on the catering, say YES.

My one friend was telling me that her SIL always asks in such a way that she's hoping my friend says no! Ha - too funny :)

I ask her like this - what would you like me to bring - chicken, salad or dessert? First time she said chicken, next time she said dessert. It forces the people to pick.

Anyway, where was I going with that detour?

This is the last set of friend pics for 2014 - I'm finally up to date :) :)

My friend Caren and her family came over late in December for tea. It was one of those super-hot days so we let the kids splash in the blow-up pool while we chatted and it was so nice.

The kids are all at a stage now (mine for the last year, at least) where they let you get on with the talking and they get on with the playing. Now and again I might have to intervene for normal kid stuff if I hear someone getting bossy, but that's always been the case.

These 4 played so nicely together. When they arrived, S asked me if they were going to make necklaces.

I was totally lost for a good few seconds (brain fried by the heat) and then I remembered the last time they were here for the twins' birthday party, they all made cereal necklaces.

I didn't have Fruit Loops (bought specially for the party) but I had some Otees and all the kids were very happy to eat them make some necklaces :)

And of course I had to take a few photos.

The reason S's arm is cut off? She's holding Caren's hand.

and us!
Incidentally, I saw you 6 times in 2014, Caren. Let's see if we can better that this year :)

Caren already has all her holidays planned up to July (I think?). I'm super impressed by her holiday organising. I need someone to do that for me!

Do you prefer meeting at a restaurant or at your home?
If you like having people to your home, do you accept help with the catering?
What is your preferred dish to take along with you, if asked - salad or a dessert?

PS This is post 100 in the Friendship Friday series (really?!) and I think it's fitting since the content of this post ended off the year.
PPS I have absolutely nothing planned yet in the way of entertaining this year... except for those monthly Praise and Worship evenings and the workshops. My goal is to do at least 6 Love Languages workshops. Would you come?


  1. I've done this a couple of times when we've had folks over, and it's been great...I set up a chili bar. I made a big pot of chili and kept it hot in the crockpot. I put out bowls with toppings -- sour cream, green onions, black olives, cheese, diced tomatoes, and tortilla chips. It was so easy and fun.

    Oh, and I have a new tuna pasta salad recipe I really like. That may be my new go-to for summer get-togethers.

    I so agree...the perfect should NOT be the enemy of the good when it comes to getting together with friends!!!

  2. We hardly go to restaurants. We braai a lot with friends - either here or at their homes.

    What we take depends on what the function is but I always do ask.

  3. We prefer to have people over especially if Ethan's around ie. If we don't have a babysitter! It also means that Ethan can play in the comfort of his own home with his own toys or with the other kids in the complex while we chat with our visitors. Otherwise we do restaurants on date night cos I don't see the point in going fancy when I have to run after a child and we can't enjoy the food and company together.

  4. Confession: I've never had anyone over. Ever.
    I have two friends who have seen the inside of my home, years ago, and only because they were dog/house sitting for us.

  5. You read my mind!!! I was chatting with a few friends about this and I told them I really don't like so called "kid friendly" restaurants!!! I prefer dates at home or at the park! Where the kids can run free and I don't feel pressured to order food just because. So I've started making a list of places I plan to go that fit the bill. Parks, farms etc

  6. Thanks for the lovely post and pictures!

  7. I love entertaining at home! But most of the time I find myself meeting people out and honestly it needs to stop this year. I have a long list of friends we want to have over this year for lunches and braai's etc.


  8. I am so going to invite people over more this year.

  9. I prefer having people come over to our place - restaurant outings for 6 people are expensive and taking 4 kids to someone else's house is always nerve-wracking because chances are one of my kids will break something! At least, this is a phobia I have. Now that I think about it, they haven't actually ever broken anything at someone else's house... Hmmm...
    Anyhoo - when asked, I prefer to bring dessert. I make a killer saucy chocolate cake, among other things, and my love of all things sweet makes it a pleasure to make something yummy!


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