Friday, January 16, 2015

{Friendship Friday} When friends don't take no for an answer... and flexible friends

I want to tell you a quick story.

I'd just been outside the office collecting something from one friend (and having a quick chat), got back to my desk and another friend phoned to say she was in the area and could I do lunch.

Technically, I could do lunch but I'd just been outside, I had work I wanted to complete and it was unscheduled (I'm a J - not a fan of unscheduled).

So I said no, and we carried on chatting for a few minutes, and then I said, "you know what? Let's Do This".

I say that phrase to myself and others a lot which is why I'm calling my workshop Let's Do This :)

I can always work late or at home, right?

I ran across the road, we had lunch, it was soooooo good to connect again and I was glad I said yes.

My heart is ALWAYS to connect  but sometimes I let my to-do list get in the way.

I'm so glad this friend kept talking and made me want to meet with her.

Then, another incident.

I had two presents for another friend (birthday and random act of kindness - movie she mentioned she wanted to see) and so I sent a text and said, "listen, any chance of meeting up with you this week?"

She said yes. She always says yes and then we try and figure out the how. Not surprisingly, we see each other a lot.

Well, we don't have a canteen at work yet which severely impacts my lunch time friend dates :) (spoilt at previous company)

So she came to my place anyway and I dragged a packet of Marie biscuits from my drawer together with work coffee onto a balcony, and we had our friend date :)

It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful (The Nester).

In a few weeks, D's going to an 80s concert (I declined because I remembered I don't sit on grass at concerts anymore!) and I decided to make the best of it by getting together with two friends (one of them is friend 2 above).

She thanked me by email for arranging because who knew when these things would happen if not for me :)

I said and this is no joke, "it's my gift. I am relentless at connecting" :)

So what is your friendship gift?

Do you have a friend who doesn't take no for an answer ... that is good for you? and a flexible friend? (Louisa, you're my flexible friend too!)


  1. Marcia, I definitely don't have the arranging get togethers gift haha, but I always enjoy connecting with you and that's why I make a plan to be flexible. ;-)

    My friendship gift is listening (and asking questions). At times I inspire a bit of action if someone is stuck on something.

  2. I don't have that friend. I AM that friend. I do have a flexible friend as well and as far as possible, I AM the flexible friend too. Mmmm....I should think about what my gift is.

  3. No idea!!! I want to believe I'm somewhat flexible ha ha ha ha

    1. What I don't do is push. If I mention once or twice let's meet up and nothing gets said then I take that as no! I like to connect with people but I'm not desperate

  4. Oh boy, how I wish I could be flexible friend - during work time I can some times but I dont have many friends that are close. Weekends - hec, we are full ones. One of the things I want to do more of is have less stuff in weekends and do more of what I want to do

    This year is friendship year - am going to make it happen.

  5. I love that you said yes...and made another memory. I am trying hard to be more flexible?

  6. I am a little bit of both I think. There are times when I won't say No and there are times when I can be flexible. I am finding that time is too tight though and I am learning to say no to things that are not necessarily going to feed me or my family in terms of friendship.

    Speaking of... we need to discuss your diary - see email sent to you a short while ago ;-)



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