Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Parenting advice from my friend Louisa

This is going to be fun!

I read a post on a Cup of Jo where she asked some of her friends for some of their best parenting advice.

So I thought, "HOW FUN!" and I asked some of my friends for their words of wisdom.

Here we go, first from Louisa.

-Pick your battles. Yes, we have to teach our children everything they need to know to make it or at least the basics on quite a few of those. Some days it's okay to just let it slide for the sake of sanity though.
-Trust your instincts. Parent the child you have in the way that you are, and don't lose any sleep worrying about what other people think is the one true way. Each child is different, and so is each parent.
-Make time for fun, and hugs, and loads of encouragement. And take photos as you go. That's the stuff those little people will remember when they're all grown up. 

Will that do? ;-) 

That will totally do - thank you!

I personally think some of Louisa's parenting superpowers are:
  1. She keeps to her word and doesn't make idle threats.
  2. She teaches N life skills that most people don't think about (like self-defence, and how to stand up to a bully)
  3. She parents with the end in mind, always :)

Now, which are the parenting battles you choose to fight?


  1. Great advice! Right now I am choosing to fight the "don't backchat me" and the "no shouting" and the "I refuse to go to bed at a decent hour" battles.

  2. I'm first! Whoohoo!

    Thanks Marcia. Super powers hey? I'm getting all of that embroidred on a cape! ;-)

    Sometimes when I feel a bit lacking, I have to remind myself that I'm doing the best I can...and that has to be good enough.

    1. Jy is 'n baie wys mamma Louisa.

  3. Oh gosh, she said some very wise words. I choose to fight bad manners right now - table manners mostly

  4. Love this...such good advise.

  5. The best parenting advise I can give is "Be the parent you want your kids to be....! "

  6. These apply to most things in life. But I believe in choosing my battles And Letting go. I believe in leading by example

    Very wise Loiuisa

  7. Oh this is just lovely... I am a very much a "pick your battles" kind of mum. For everyone's sakes and not only in parenting, it is a great philosophy to have...

  8. Thank you lovely readers! I love all the encouragement :)

  9. All great advise!

    Battles I am choosing to fight right now:

    1. Being gentle with the sibling in the house
    2. Eating with ones mouth CLOSED!!!



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