Monday, January 26, 2015

School update - things I love and don't love

The twins (just for you Mrs FF) have been at school for 9 days now (I just counted) and they are super happy. So am I. I just love the school, teacher, principal, etc.

They're in the same class which is so good for us speaking to one teacher and getting all the same messages.

I also love, love, LOVE how I'll ask them, "so what happened at school today?" and one will start, another will fill in a gap, and then it will prompt the other about something else.

I'm actually getting a real sense for what goes on.

They should have been together sooner, at least to satisfy my curiosity!

Every day I ask them if they've made any friends yet!

The first couple of days they both said they had their twin and one boy in K's pre-school class.

But tonight Kendra could tell me everyone's name around her table (they sit in tables of 5) and 3 at Connor's table. Connor plays with kids at all the tables apparently.

I love their teacher. I think I mentioned this before but her son was in C's class and so we've had a couple of parties together - they came to ours too.

They told me, "Mummy, we have to call her Mrs H now" :)

A few things I love:
  1. no unhealthy food allowed (YESSSSSSS) otherwise they confiscate
  2. tuck shop on Fridays - we've said they can each have R5 every week so there was a whole lot of negotiation about whether it made better sense to have 1 bag of biltong, or peanuts and raisins, and have some change. Guess who chose which option?
  3. the uniform!
  4. using "Mrs H says...." when t
  5. I got to wrap 3 books for each child (I'm that weird kind of person who loves wrapping books - well, back to school sales are better than Christmas :))

A few things I don't love
  1. prying them out of bed in the mornings - it is already getting easier but the novelty of school wore off after two days....
  2. monitoring the uniform - is there a clean golf shirt? all the time (they have 2 each, and I'm waiting for the 2nd hand shop to open to hopefully buy some more.... it seems I had unrealistic expectations of them wearing one shirt for two days before laundering it...)
  3. we keep running out of food (this is a good thing I suppose, in that my kids are eating me out of house and home, and they're ONLY 5.5) - shall I blog separately on this?
I think that's it.

If I've forgotten anything, let me know in the comments.

Also, what do you think of parents posting the name of their kids' school online for the whole world to see?

Maybe I'm a bit of an overthinker but I can't help thinking about any crazies out there knowing their whereabouts.

PS I don't think my FB friends are necessarily crazies, but what about each of their hundreds of friends?!

PPS All pics from January last year - can you believe the sweetness?!


  1. You sound so much better about the new school, that's so fantastic and the problems you mentioned so far well are also good issues to have (kind of)

  2. I love how positive you are about this school. I think you are going to have a great great year!

  3. I feel infinitely better having read this post... I so needed to know that your babes were okay and that their new school was going well. My heart is literally singing having read this post!!!

  4. Looks and sounds like the new school is a match made in sound so happy and upbeat xx

  5. Sounds great! I love having the ladies in the same class and I agree about broadcasting school names. I'm not trying to be a fearmonger, but lets just leave it at 'school' and be done with it! I do go a bit mad when I'm piecing together their stories into one form of truth and neither of them can answer a question. It's usually something important too, at least by my nosy standards!

    Please post about food and clothes. I have two pack them lunch and a separate afternoon snack each day, and I feel like they eat more and move less which is bothering me. More so now that it is winter and they can't go out to play after they get home. As for the clothes, we don't have uniforms but they are always coming home filthy. Who lets children paint without smocks or at least pushing up their sleeves?!

    Lastly, you're lucky to know their teacher. The ladies love their teacher, and she certainly seems nice enough, but she gives off this flower child vibe which I haven't come to love.

  6. I LOVE how happy you are with their school. Complete turnaround from last year!
    I don't really mind the uniforms as long as the badge is not visible (because no one will actually know the uniform) but I think that broadcasting the name of your child's school all over SM is a bit irresponsible. It's not something that I would do. Then again, people need to do what they feel comfortable with. As long as they are aware of what can go wrong.

  7. Sounds like it's going really well! :-)

    I ask N if she made new friends, and she keeps saying no. However I already have three party invites to respond to and at Monday's teacher/parent evening she was spirited away by a whole bunch of new faces and she was clearly quite comfortable around them and knew most of their nanes.

  8. Sounds like the new school is just awesome! I don't like mentioning my kids school name on social media either, but many people don't mind it. It freaks me out actually.



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