Thursday, January 22, 2015

Temp nanny number 3

I received the resignation SMS from Nanny 2 on New Year's night.

After we put the twins to bed (hmm, I never say "the twins" but I noticed my colleagues ask, "how are the twins?"), we went onto the agency's website to have a look.

I noticed that my 2nd choice previously was still listed as available so I wrote an email telling them the situation and saying if she was, in fact, still available, to offer her the job.

They did, she accepted, she came in on the Sat for a few hours quick training and started (thrown in the deep end) on the Monday.

And she's been great.

She is great.

She's open, communicative, calls me Marcia, not Ma'am, and the kids love her because she reads Naughty Amelia Jane to them (it's really easy to make my kids love you :)).

She was a teacher in Zim so I'm getting her to do the homework with the babies. Homework started this week with them writing out a page of their name in the proper upper and lower case letters.

I'm thinking of getting her to teach them words.....

My house is clean, the kids are happy and not fighting with the nanny all the time and so I'm happy.

She's also super switched-on and organised which goes a long way with me.

Speaking of nannies, I went to visit Nanny S and the baby the other day, and take them more presents. My word, that baby is sweet. If I were in the slightest bit broody, it would be a problem. Thank goodness I'm WELL over that stage.


What's more important to you - a clean house or happy children?

I actually need both. It might not be politically correct to say that, but I can't function in a messy house :)

PS Mrs FF has put herself on a data diet (data usage for her phone) which I SUPER LOVE. I'm putting myself on a 30-minute or less blog post diet. This one took 25 mins. If I don't look for pics, even quicker :)


  1. 3rd time lucky!!! I would email you.
    Happy child is my priority but I still need to have a somewhat clean house!

  2. This lady sounds just perfect Marcia! Maybe it was meant to be. I am now all about meant to be.

  3. A happy and safe child would be my priority...but I need a clean house too :-P ♥♥

  4. On Wednesday Emma would not nap - Jane spent the day sitting on the floor with her playing. She did get the basics done in the house in between but her priority was Emma - I am ok with that.

    I LOVE Amelia Jane. I grew up with it and we still have one of my books from back then :)

  5. The nanny sounds perfect!!! If she wants to come help my kiddos with homework, she'd be welcome!!! :)

  6. I'm glad the new nanny is working out!

    Happy children...and a house clean enough that I can walk from room to room without tripping on toys. Just a path really, that"s all I need. ;-)

  7. I assume that there's a post that I missed somewhere about the previous two temps? Also, I assume you have temps only cos your nanny had a baby? This nanny business is no joke! I just blogged last week about our 6th nanny...hoping she's gonna be with us forever and a day!!!

  8. Well. My children need a clean house in order to not have sensory overload. So I would say TIDY house and happy children.

    She sounds PERFECT. I do hope that she can get a teaching post at some point!

  9. Nanny sounds awesome! For me as long as the basics are done in the house happy child is more important to me!



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