Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Thanksgiving at the Westcliff

I had a Thanksgiving work function at the Westcliff. The pics of the work people are the best but of course you're not seeing those, so these will have to do :)

golden hour!

turkey burgers - oh my word, these were amazing

Golden hour/ sunset is my favourite time of day to take photos.

What is your favourite photo-taking time of day?


  1. You look sooooo happy in the last pic. I LOVE it!
    Believe it or not, I never get out during the golden hour - I am either driving or doing something that REALLY needs doing. Right now, my favourite time = the mornings.

  2. Nice pictures. I also love the golden hour and sunrise (though with the sun rising earlier these days I always seem to miss the mornings' "golden" minutes

  3. My favourite time for anything is mornings. ;-)

  4. My cousin and his wife got married on that lawn and had their reception in that same room :)


  5. Golden hour is my favourite time for photos...and you captured some stunning moments.


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