Sunday, January 04, 2015

This word of the year business


This year's been interesting in that I didn't feel a big WHOOSH with the word thing.

I could explain everything I was looking for in a few sentences but somehow the word wasn't coming.

So I joined a Facebook group and wrote on there... and then I got emailed with TONS of great ideas. Some were nice... but not for me...and some were great and needed more thought.

And then I had a fleeting thought, like this is going the way all my bad ideas go - too much advice and not trusting my own instincts enough.

So I stopped reading for a day or so and I took out my worksheets and I did the work.

Novel idea.

And I had a word that was perfect.

I made a list last night of things outstanding before the work week starts and one of those was taking photos for the blog.

This afternoon I pulled out the big camera, took two photos and I thought, "what the heck! this word doesn't feel right anymore". It's definitely a good support word, but not THE word.

So I asked myself, "which word is speaking to my heart right now?" (not which word would I LIKE to have...)

and a word came to mind/ heart.

I feel relatively sure of this word but just in case, I went and googled (Olive Treed?) that word to see how many times it appeared in the Bible and it's 62, if you were wondering. I read most of those references quickly and it's looking/ feeling good.

But JUST IN CASE... I'm going to sit with it for a day or two longer to see if it still feels right.

To end off, I thought I'd leave you with some words from my top 10 that didn't make the top 5 :)

Now, let's have some fun...

Anyone want to guess what my old and new words are?
(Jayme, last year you guessed correctly!)

Do you have a word? Share in the comments.

PS all these images are from my Marcia favourites folder of 2014
PPS previous words from 2009...simplicity, consolidate, courage, create, trust and last year, shine.


  1. I have not even had the time or the inclination to think of a word for the year. Looking forward to your big reveal :)


  2. Last year was shine...I will have to wait for you to do the grand reveal xx

  3. When I read this post for the first time I liked TEND. But now I see that ENOUGH is EXACTLY the right word!


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