Thursday, January 08, 2015

You're being rude!

So I want to quickly talk about something that's driving me nuts.

The kids have picked up this phrase, "you're being rude" and they throw it out with wild abandon when:

  1. we say the word "no"
  2. we tell them they can't do something
  3. we tell them they can't wear something 
  4. we raise our voices
(in other words, for normal methods of dealing with kids)

For example:

Me: Kendra, you can't wear those shoes to the gym (flimsy, slippery, really just pretty things but no good for actual running and climbing, etc.)
Kendra: Mummy! You're being so rude!

D: Connor, we have to fit on your school clothes before you put on your pyjamas.
Connor: NO DADDY! You're so rude.

Somehow this doesn't bother D as much as it does me, but it drives me UP THE WALL.

And then I get "rude" because I will raise my voice.

I tell them "rude" does not equal no or something you don't want to hear. In that case, the whole world is "rude", right?

Do your kids do this?

PS I'm this close to saying if they say that phrase when it's unfounded, I will take a star off their star charts.

PPS Some blurry pics of the kids when I let them sleep in the same bed one night. The hour of giggles before they got separated was worth it to me :)

Thanks to Mandy, I now know where to find the monochrome setting on my Canon!


  1. Oh, N has also picked up a super annoying (and rude) word...duh! First usage got her a raised eyebrow and a polite request to desist at once...the second usage got her a firm red light and ultimatum...and the third time (all in one morning) earned her a glowing red bottom, in school, in front of her teacher (who looked a bit surprised).

    The word has not been seen or heard from since...long may it last, cause I won't have it flung at me.

  2. I would "ignore" it. Its a new word, it gets your reaction.

    Or you could explain each time they say it WHY you aren't being rude and what you are saying instead?

    Jack says "You are irritating me" whenever we say no or do something he doesn't like.

  3. Love the photo's and the fact they giggled so much while "sleeping" together. BEST EVER.

    Kade hasn't done the rude thing (yet) but he is saying stuff like "you mustn't say no" "why is no your answer - stop that" or if he thinks I'm going to say no or disagree with him "no no just don't say that!"

    Driving me NUTS!

  4. My children have become as snarky as me. G is dying with laughter and I suddenly feel the need to buy my mother a bottle of wine in gratitude for sparing my life!
    I wish I had helpful words. Our new issue is the sudden sob. I show the least bit of disapproval or dare to raise my voice and they crumple convinced I won't love them anymore! Strange!

  5. I've noticed our girls picking up more words and phrases from school. I don't always like it! It's a reminder I had them in their little bubble for 5 1/2 I'm dealing with a world of outside influences.

    To date, KNOCK ON WOOD, I've been able to explain why we don't use certain words/phrases, and they've been respectful of that.

    The only thing I might counsel is, don't let them know this makes you sweat. Easier said than done, I KNOW, but -- if you think they're getting "power" from the phrase, then you have to be matter-of-fact about it. That may be you taking away a star, but do it without emotion as much as possible. They are making the choice to use the language, they have to deal with the consequences.

    Easy to type...hard to do...I feel your pain!!!

  6. P.S. When I saw the title of your blog post, I had to stop by and make sure you weren't talking about me, not having visited in far too long. Hahahaha!!!

  7. It is just another phase and it will pass xx

  8. I really don't know how I will handle it!!! But I think you have to be firm and let them know it is not acceptable. And if they still don't listen there has to be consequences


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