Saturday, February 28, 2015

5 things I want to do more of in 2015

I forgot to write up this post after the success of the previous one, 7 things I want to do less of in 2015.

Seeing as it's the last day of February already, let's do this :)

1. I want to sleep a lot more

I've started tracking my sleep on a spreadsheet (what? you don't?) and in January, I slept an average of 6 hrs 38 and in February, 6 hrs 40.

(tonight's sleep counts as 1 March)

I had one really good week of sleep because I put it on my goals list (!) which pushed up the average otherwise it would have been really bad!

My main problems are I stay on the computer too long or I'm on my phone checking Instagram too long.

Did you notice I wasn't very active on Instagram this week? All part of the plan.

I've also downloaded an app called Moment which tells you how long you're on your phone every day!

2. I want to read more

I read a TON compared to other people but for me, I could easily do more if I got more disciplined with my computer time at night.

This deserves its own post on the Organising Queen blog but I've started listening to audio books and while expensive, it's TOTALLY worth it to me to not care if I'm in the car because I'm either listening to the Bible or a book.

This month I only read 3 complete books plus 1/2 audio book plus 1/2 book on the Kindle (pity my system doesn't allow me to add those two together and make it 1 :))

3. I want to connect more in my work

This year, in addition to coaching, I started doing workshops in my home.

I can't tell you how lovely it is to be connecting with people in this way. I've truly missed it.

They're work and logistics and chasing up and and and, but for me, sharing my home and my heart is worth it, for now :)

I have two 5 Love Languages workshops coming up on 19 and 28 March. I'll be advertising in the school newsletter so hopefully that brings lots of people. If you were thinking of booking, I'd love to have you.

I can't WAIT for autumn! I'm going to take so many photos it's going to be SUPER awesome!!!

4. Send out more mail

I lost my mojo with the Post Office strike and I want to get it back. Loosely, in my mind, I wanted to send out something every week, but I don't want a hard deadline. Instead I'll say 52 items of mail and that will still get done, whether batch-sent or not :)

Feb update - I've sent out 10 items so far and it's been super fun to get notes when the recipients get them :)

5. Make some money from photography

I've joked about this before that someone needs to pay me to travel and take photos for them.

That would be amazing.

Meanwhile, a seed got planted and I'm toying with the idea of doing a fun photography workshop. Not a technical, boring one - people can google and read those articles by themselves.

My passion is to inspire and motivate people to SEE differently...

Watch this space!

I'm open to other things but not children's birthday parties :) :)

D reading with the kids nearly two years ago (see tiny baby fingers!)

6. Randomly give things to complete strangers

I've done 3 of these already and they are so fun. For one, I took the gift to our receptionist and told her to phone the person in question. Too fun!

Speaking of random giving, please join me and send a book to this library. It can be gently loved or new books. I'm taking the kids shopping next week after work and will let each of them choose a book

What do you want to do more of in 2015?
How was your February?


  1. Yes! You take lovely pictures, I'm sure I've said that more than ones and interestingly you take good children's party pictures ;) ;)

    Feb was busy busy busy and feels like it flew by!!!

    I bought some books for the library project and will try send it out latest by end of the week! Fulfilling to contribute to others

    I do love random acts of kindness and I get so much joy when someone receives something they weren't expecting and are genuinely shocked and happy

    I'm definitely a horrible sleeper!! But I find if I exercise well throughout the week it makes up for the tiredness from bad sleeping

    1. Ps: you listed 6 not 5 (but who is counting) :) :) :)

    2. It started off as 5 😮

  2. Oh my friend...nothing eats your time as much as social media and internet. Wishing you much sleep for March. Your photos are always so good that I cannot see why you cannot make money from it.

    1. It is definitely my biggest time suck!

      I started well with 8 hours for March 👏.

      Thank you always for the lovely words about my photos!

  3. I definitely think your photos can make you money. I need to work on getting better with taking pictures.
    I want to be on SM/internet a lot less - this has slowly been happening over the last few months. I want to read more. I want more music in my life. I want to read more bible. I want to connect more, specifically with my family.

  4. I also want to do more photography! (And maybe get to the money part). I want to paint more. Sleep more - but now my time is being chewed by organizing school - mostly grade 4- things - I plan what she needs to study every week for the au pair - kept me busy last night to 10:30 - my happy sleep time is before 10

  5. I want to read more, I used to devour books by the dozens and now I'm lucky if I read one every 3 -4 months. I want to have some more "me time" - I need time to myself in order to be a better wife and mother. I want to help more... there is this guy who sleeps on under the hiway, I want to help him with groceries or the like every month.

  6. Oh! And you could totally make money with your photography - would love to hear more about the fun course?

  7. Sleep, exercise, cook (made an Asian Zing sauce for wings tonight that is exactly like the recipe from a wings place I love!), and pictures.


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