Monday, February 16, 2015

9 days and counting...

There are 9 more work days left in February and I'm definitely counting them down because Nanny S returns on Monday 2 March.

The kids were at aftercare for 8 days and a new (temp) nanny started on Thursday last week.

This is strange and not-so-strange all at the same time but I felt sadder about the kids having to stop going to their amazing aftercare (8 days) than I felt at their graduation from the school they were at for two whole years... I super love their aftercare. On the bright side, when one of them is sick, the other will go, and if Nanny S has a sick day, they will go. So there's that.

because I'm too lazy to go get a photo of laundry from my external hard drive. This pic - clothes not worn on Ballito holiday in January 2014.

With all this to-ing and fro-ing of nannies, we've paid 1.3 times what we would have paid Nanny S over the last 4 months.

That means we've paid more than 1 extra month's salary.

I'm ready for a break from all the financial outflow, disruption in routine and my house is definitely ready to breathe again:
  • My favourite runner (blue and turquoise one for any who can remember) was ruined by December nanny.
  • My tumble drier is kind-of broken by current nanny.
  • The house is ready for a handyman and a painter... but I can't rely on the temps to manage extra staff in addition to their work, so Nanny S to supervise as she usually does.

Best of all, Nanny S is getting a SUPER fantastic increase :) I was going to do so anyway (two months early) because of her baby, but I've nearly doubled that original amount.

Nothing like an incentive to bring her back to work!

What are you looking forward to in March?


  1. In March we're doing a baby shower for my brother and SIL, it's my mom's birthday in March too....AND end of March we're moving again. :-)

  2. You should be conserving power and not using the tumble drier (so there is that).

    We have also had a big outflow and so far March looks like it will be less hectic thankfully.

    1. Hmmm, Laura, it's overall power usage that should be monitored wherever that happens. As it stands though, I am very green and only use my tumble drier for extreme circumstances.

      But the bigger issue is the nannies are not allowed to use my tumble drier!

  3. March is going to be rough - Our littlest boy, my husband, my mom, my brother and my FIL all have birthdays in March!
    We have a lady who comes in twice a week at the moment. If I could, I'd take her on full time - she's wonderful!

  4. I feel like I am bleeding money - also with the au pair switch but all the extra murals are payable this month. In March we are looking forward to A's ballet show - they are doing musicals this year and the grade 4's are doing Mary Poppins. Also to the school holidays at the end of the month

  5. Riley's baptism on the 1st, off to Durban for two weeks to my folks with both boys on the 2nd and my birthday on the 8th :-)

  6. In March I am looking forward to running my 3rd half marathon this year - Om Die Dam on the 21st :)



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