Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A little family shoot at the rusty old car :)

Self-timer is our friend!

I warned everybody that we'd be returning on the way back to Jhb and that's exactly what we did.

The kids were not feeling it but hello? A rusty old car was calling my name!

Do you intentionally stop to take photos at things that make your heart beat faster? :)


  1. I love these is obvious that your little ones were not charmed xx

  2. Really love these photographs... great collection!!!

  3. I love taking photos and every once in a blue moon, I get a really lucky good shot but mostly, I'm terrible at photography and it breaks my heart because I somehow just don't seem to be able to capture a scene as I see it. That's probably because beyond pointing and shooting, I have NO CLUE what I'm doing - something I hope to remedy someday. Not sure whether this year will allow it, but I'm keen to buy a decent camera and do a photography course.

  4. Oh you know I do! H actually these days asks if he should stop if I whip out the camera somewhere on the road. I love this set ! Totally

  5. These are lovely Marcia!
    I do...I take a lot of photos, I've come to realise. ;-)

  6. Of course you can't miss an opportunity to get a good picture ;) ;)

    These pictures absolutely gorgeous love them ! Ha ha ha guess #thisisfive

  7. Love the pictures - also I have to say that I love how in each one the other half of the twins are pulling a funny face...


    PS - LOL at Funso's comment about #thisisfive

  8. The first thing I thought was WHO is taking these pics? LOL. Self timer! Some lovely shots here x


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