Friday, February 20, 2015

{Friendship Friday} The heart of hospitality and a Friday round-up

Hospitality's been on my mind a lot these days, especially since I read Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes in December.

Interesting (to me) - I didn't love a previous book of hers (Cold Tangerines - it felt more suited to a blog than a book) but I LOVED this one, easily one of my best books last year.

Recommended by Modern Mrs Darcy, who has a genuinely lovely blog. I heartily recommend it if you like intelligent, thoughtful debate and good books.

When I read non-fiction, I have to feel like I connect with the person and I totally connected with her heart in this one. Totally.

You should get this book :)

I also watched a series of videos from the Allume conference. You can watch them here.

The thing I took away from that book and from some of the videos is this: the heart of hospitality is when having people over is more about them than about you "entertaining".

Isn't that lovely?

When I teach on the motivational gifts (from the Bible), I always say the gift of hospitality is not about being the best cook or entertainer; part of it is about opening your home to others but more than that, it's about making people feel welcome and at home in any place.

As for me, I can't wait for Nanny S to come back so my home can be completely sorted and then I can start having people over again :)

Have you read Bread and Wine?
What does hospitality mean to you?

PS you need to read the tips on this post and this one


  1. I've not read bread and wine (I suppose I should, yes?) but hospitality to me means being completely switched on to your guests and what they need in that moment.
    I am going to try to invite people over for dinner this year. Not my family, but friends. Just once. It's on my goals list!

    1. Oh Julia, you really should. You will love it! LOVE IT!

      I'm so proud of you for your goal - I know that is BIG for you :) :) You can do it!!!


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