Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm no beauty blogger but let's talk about skin care regimes

I'm super curious about other people's skin care regimes but in the interest of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours", I'll go first.

I wash my face in the morning with a Ponds face wash (R40), apply moisturiser (I'm very happily back to my R89 Olay one), and then BB cream (I used Sorbet, Garnier, and now I'm using Pond's Flawless Radiance). It's not my beloved Wet 'n Wild Intuitive Blend but it's close. When I get back to the US at some point, I'm going to bring back TONS in my suitcase.

That’s my “regime”- HA!!!

At night, I do nothing most of the time (honesty time) but I was very good in Jan and actually washed my face about 20 of the 31 days. If I go to "night" gym, I will shower and wash my face in the shower.

I thought if I bought a nice pepperminty thing from the Body Shop, it might inspire me? Um, no - not so much.

But I need to get onto it. Although I read about something where the girl just kept cleansing wipes on her bedside table.

Now why didn't I think of that?! 

Then, make-up:

Eyeliner from Foschini – R14,95 at the makeup sale twice a year
Eyeshadow on my light eyebrows
Lip liner – R10.95 from Clicks (makeup sale twice a year)
Bold lipstick – R10.95 from Foschini (again, makeup sale twice a year)

That’s it!

(the cheapest make-up routine you've ever seen, right?)

Disclosure - I do have a stayfast lipstick in my handbag from Yardley called N.ude which costs about R120 every 6 months or so...

For gym on Saturdays, I brush my teeth, add lipstick and go. I come back, eat, shower and then do the routine above. I may skip the BB if I'm not seeing anyone and just put some lipstick and eyeliner.

Over to you - what's your skin care regime? Do you wash your face at night? Tell me about your make-up.

PS MeeA - please check your spam folder in WP - i'm sure my comment went there....and a big thank you for all your lovely comments this week :)


  1. I keep it really, really simple. I got to try some Dermalogica goodies and received a small goodie bag from them last year, containing miniature samples of:
    Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (R850 for 75g)
    Dermalogica Multi-active Toner (R520 for 250ml, R170 for 30ml)
    Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream (R880 for 100ml, R630 for 50ml)
    My samples were 13g of Microfoliant, 30ml of Toner and 10ml of moisturiser and they lasted me about 2 months!
    Since then, I've bought myself the AVON Anew Reversalist Foaming Cream Cleanser (R115.00) and I exfoliate once or twice a week with Clinique Exfoliating Scrub (A gift I received for a birthday about 3 years ago and never really used until recently). Then I tone with Dermalogica Ultra-calming Mist (R170.00 for 50ml) (recommeded for me by the Dermalogica skin technologist who did my skin mapping for me last year) and moisturise with Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm Multi-relief Anti-stress Moisturising Cream - a Christmas gift from hubby last year. He couldn't find the Dermalogica products I had mentioned I would like to have, so asked around at different counters for a suitable substitute. I also have a tiny sample of Paula's Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum, which I apply the tiniest amount of to my eye area every few days. I rarely wear make-up but when I do, I'm currently using AVON's Ideal Flawless Colour Corrector Cream, SPF 50,(R139.00 for 30ml) instead of a full-on foundation and I use Essence I <3 EXTREME Volume Mascara (R45) and a touch of lip colour - either a nudeish gloss - usually scored in a goodie bag - or I colour in my lips with a rose coloured lipliner from Lancôme that hubby bought for me in Dubai almost 10 years ago...
    My current skin routine is by far the most comprehensive (and expensive!) that I have EVER had but the results are worth it!

    Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the blog comment. I've found and approved it! ;)

  2. I'm using Neutregena at the moment...face wash and moisturiser. That's it really. I hardly ever wear make up.

  3. I have been blessed with a relatively oily skin...which means wrinkles take a bit longer to settle in ;-P

    I am a spoiled Payot baby where it comes to anti aging day and night cream...but I use a foamy Alcare cleanser and toner which I buy at the supermarket.

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  5. I shower at night before bed and use an Olay face cloth to wash / wash off my makeup. I shower again in the morning and just use a washcloth (no soap). I occasionally use moisturizer (in the morning or before bed) if I'm feeling dry. I really should do that more often! My makeup consists of mostly Clinique stuff, with the exception of my mascara. I like the ones from the drugstore much better. I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF for my "base"...then powder, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. I'm super quick, too. I don't know any "tricks" with makeup, nor do I really care to learn. I don't spend much time thinking about it, honestly. And if I have a day when I don't "have" to put on makeup -- usually a Saturday or a Sunday -- I don't! I have no problem going out without it...but I wouldn't go without to work. It's not that I care (obviously), but I think it's viewed as more "professional" to wear at least a little bit of makeup. And I do love that it makes my eyes stand out. I have very light eyelashes, and, particularly with blue eyes, I think that part of me fades easily. Oh, and I don't use lipstick. I religiously apply Carmex many, many times a day. :)


  6. Annique all the way - I wash, moisturize (i have dry skin) and use a lovely spray on refresher if that I use when I feel tired too. I just bought A her first Annique bits. I have a hypo allergic skin so I can not use a lot of brands.

    As to make up I use whatever is on sale etc apart from foundation where I use Revlon's age defying one that hides a few wrinkles.

  7. I wash my face in the shower in the morning with the "body" soap to get rid of the excess oil that has accumulated in night while sleeping, then wash again with Garnier scrub. Once out the shower I use Garnier toner and then slap on my make up - Revlon base, eyeliner (Clicks essense at R14.95 per liner), Yardley eye shadow and Revlon mascara. My make up hardly ever changes.

    At night I wash off my make up with Dove soap and again tone and moisturize before bed with Garnier night cream. (I pride myself on the fact that I ALWAYS wash my make up off no matter how tired/tipsy etc I am)


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