Sunday, February 01, 2015

It had nothing to do with me

A few weeks ago I was sitting in church and I noticed a lady sitting near us.

I felt quite distinctly that I had to give her a really nice journal/ notebook for her church / Bible study notes, something "too nice to write in".

And then I got home and all that was forgotten.

Next Sunday I remembered again, and when I left, I forgot.

But last week, I wrote it down and last night, I actually had a perfect one for her which I wrapped up nicely.

I also wrote a note that God wanted her to have this and when she uses it, she should know she is loved.

Today I arrived at church and she wasn't there.

I thought, "oh NO! Now I've missed it and the woman left and now what?"

(I'm on a permanent mission to listen and obey, and I personally feel your ability to hear increases the more obedient you are)

Anyway, about 20 minutes from the end of the service, I spotted her in another section of the church.

She started packing up before church ended so I panicked a little but I grabbed the present and rushed over there.

"This is for you," I said, as I touched her shoulder.

She looked surprised and off I went.

Her daughter then appears next to me asking me for my name and phone number, which I wrote down, but I said, "it's got nothing to do with me".

After church she found me (I asked the daughter what her mom's name was) and she thanked me, again I said, "it's not from me, God told me to give it to you" and you know what she said?

When I opened the gift, I started crying. I always have to see to everyone else in my family and there's never anything left for me. But now I know God is looking out for me!

And of course, I beamed! I love this stuff.

Most of all, I loved being a vessel who listened and was able to play a tiny part in showing this lady that she is loved by Him.


  1. Oh gosh! Goosebumps! What a wonderful moment

  2. Lovely, Marcia! I know your heart is smiling so big!

  3. What a lovely inspiring story!!!

  4. Awesome God. Awesome confirmation for that lady.


  5. Gosh. That's beautiful. xx


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