Monday, February 09, 2015

Nanny updates - would you work for only 3 weeks?

So we've been nanny-less for a week and a day now. The short story is Nanny F won't be back due to personal emergency situation.

I was supposed to interview 3 ladies on Saturday, one of which was supposed to clean the house for me too.

That one flat-out said she didn't want to (!) and when I told her she could come back later (proper interview time) for an interview for the nanny position, she didn't pitch. Not surprised as she did not look impressed when I said the job was only for 3 weeks since she is looking for a permanent position.

Second lady pitched 50 minutes late, was all hot and bothered from the heat (it is VERRRRY hot these days - 30 degrees and upwards) so I gave her some juice and showed her to the study for the interview.

In the icebreaker/ warm-up chat, I mentioned that the job was for 3 weeks and she said, "it's ok."

I asked what was ok and she said she'd rather not work for just 3 weeks!

Now I don't know about you but if I were in one of their situations, I'd want three weeks of work rather than nothing.

We have very high unemployment in SA so for me to have not one, but two people refusing to even be considered for a job is remarkable and mind-blowing.

However, when I mentioned this at work, my one colleague said she'd do the same.

Maybe it's a J and P thing?

I would much rather have a job for 3 weeks than hold out for a possibility of a job. Nanny F's CV was on the website for two months that I know of; it could have been longer.

It's not like they wouldn't be able to go for interviews and such. There are Saturdays after all...

How about you? Would you take a job for 3 weeks or hold out for a permanent position?

In other news, registration for Let's Do This closes on Friday


  1. I guess it depends how desperate one is? And what the chances are of getting a permanent job?

  2. I'd take the 3 weeks and either try to wangle myself in deeper, or see if there's a chance to find something permanent through the temporary contract's contacts.

    Every job I ever had started as a short term gig.

  3. I'm with Louisa. Foot in the door and then see what I could make of it.

  4. Oh, and I'm definitely more of a J than a P.

  5. Can I just not work? Is that an option?! LOL!
    I'm always amazed at the unemployed turning their noses up at jobs. It really depends on the situation I think, more so than the person. If you didn't NEED a job, then it might make sense to hold out in hopes of something permanent. I know I would do a half hearted job if there were no hope of permanence so why waste everyone's time?

    If you could make it a month without a nanny, would you go without and pick up the slack?

  6. I really can't understand how people in need can turn down a job. I would definitely take the job.

  7. If I'd been unemployed for some time and needed the cash, I'd take the 3 week job. However, there are so many little things behind the scenes for domestic workers, that we don't even necessarily think about, that I could understand why some people would feel it's not worth the bother.
    Transport is the biggest of these. The cost of daily transport or a shorter term ticket (if a more stable form of public transport exists in their area) is insane - it often eats a substantial chunk out of the daily rate that these ladies get paid (assuming they are being paid at least minimum wage - around R130 per day). On top of this, many domestic workers have no readily available childcare options, meaning that if they're going to take a short term position they will either pay expensive rates for non-permanent childcare or have to resort to leaving their children without care during the day. Often, this means that they only take home about half of their actual daily earnings, sometimes less. Placed in the same position, I would rather hold out for a permanent position that would allow me to arrange proper care for my kids...

  8. In the past when I was unemployed, I sprung for every opportunity for a few bucks. There was one time a liquor store only needed someone for a week and I took it. I am with you Marcia. 3 weeks pay is better than nothing.

  9. In the past when I was unemployed, I sprung for every opportunity for a few bucks. There was one time a liquor store only needed someone for a week and I took it. I am with you Marcia. 3 weeks pay is better than nothing.

  10. I'm inclined to say I would take the job cos a job is a job and the referrals or possibility of getting permanent positions are more likely when you're working BUT in a domestic instance, I also relate to what Mee has said above - transport costs for 3 weeks can be completely out of control when one looks at it. Possibly not worth the outlay for the income?


  11. Depends on the context and other circumstances. I probably would if there was NO OTHER MONEY coming in.


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