Thursday, February 19, 2015

On dates with kids, and keeping kids busy

These pics of K and C came about because I was bashing nails into the wall (I love to be that girl - I just need a pink drill now) and Connor wanted to have a go too.

I told him we'd get him some wood and then he could have at it, not in my walls!

So the other weekend I had a bee in my bonnet. I have a 1:1 date with each twin every month and so K and I went to have our girl date at Mega Mica.

Don't you love that image?!

Have I told you before how much I love hardware stores? OH MY WORD - you could buy me gift vouchers from there and I would be in heaven. I also really like the way everyone really knows their stuff - you can ask any of those guys and they all know (or pretend to, very well) exactly what you want, what you should get, etc. Perfect shopping for me.

So we bought wood which I had to get cut into random pieces - and now that I know they charge R25, I'm going to be much more specific next time (call me Ana White!).

We also bought some white pebbles which the kids are going to paint with their little friends when next we have little friends over. Caren, you keen?

I bought some hinges for my one cupboard and some door handles that I can't WAIT to show you - seriously, my best buy of 2015 so far!!!

And of course, I bought some stationery - the most divine soft crayons in a little carry case. They were for the kids but I've taken them for me............................

I also brought home 7 paint swatches of grey (I won't say it if you don't...) so I can finally find the perfect shade for the inside of my house, and I decided I'm having an accent dark grey wall outside so I don't have to fly to Ballito every time I crave grey wall pics.

Do you see how easily I can spend money there?

(this lot was R575 and I hardly got going)

Kendra was in her element and told me we need to go back to buy some flowers to plant. Okay then... (she doesn't fully realise the extent of my plant-killing nature).

I'm very comfortable around wood (my father does kitchen and other cabinetry) - I made my own lap desk for homework in front of the TV when I was about 12 or so. It also kills me a little to PAY for bits of wood, but then again, we're not in PE so I have to suck it up. 

By the way, the wood cost R45 plus the R25 cutting fee = R70 = the second best money spent ever. And we only used 2 of the 6 pieces - yes!

These two were bashing nails into that wood and painting it for a good hour, if not longer. You just have to train the kids on safety and show them how to hold the hammer and not to fight while holding said hammer..................

Do you have one-on-one dates with your kids? What do you like to do?


  1. You should ask if they have a scrap bin! Here the scrap bin is F-R-E-E and perfect for such activities. I wish I could show you just how loudly G sighs and how dramatically he slumps his body when I merely mention the hardware store!

    Sadly out one-on-one time is really rare given out schedule. It's much better over the summer.

  2. Looking forward to a whole lot of one on one's with Ethan while we're in Durban :-)

  3. Not enough. Cameron is getting the lions share at the moment because of his swimming, so I spend a lot of time with him talking while we wait for races.

    I am starting this weekend to redo the kids rooms. I have GREAT plans!

  4. I love hardware stores, too - my only gripe is that I can't buy everything in sight! ;)
    With so many of us in the house, one-on-one time is rare. But I do try to spend a bit of time alone with each of the kids every now and then. Even if it's just a little chat in the garden or a run to Pick n Pay for some basic supplies. Then I'll sneak in a little chocolate or something for just us to have on the way home...

  5. Our hardware stores do projects on Saturdays, and this makes me think I need to take the girls. I would really like for Hubby to go with me the first time...the thought of kids and tools makes me a wee bit nervous...but this makes me think they would have fun! :)

  6. You saw some of the wonderful projects L did last year at school with wood etc? They love it. What you do next with the wood is to let them measure out regular spacings, bash in nails and use rubber bands to make pictures.

    I also hate that we do not have all of Oupa's PE stuff with us but hubby has a reasonable collection - in fact, we made a chicken coup over the weekend for a school project - will post about it later this week when its done and I can show.

  7. Very cool!

    I do. We do things like cook together, or take Polka for a walk, or maybe go watch a movie on the big screen. Anything really... ;-)

    1. I would LOVE to take pics of the two of you taking Polka on a walk :)

  8. I do have one on one dates but not enough. We do whatever the child feels like doing. Son2 likes arts and crafts and playing in the park. Son1 likes to swim and do bookshops.
    Hardware stuff is a great idea! I'm going to put it on my list.

  9. We've started doing one on one dates with Kade cos Gemma has taken so much of "his" time in the last year that he was used to getting. He's happy to do a movie or play outside or whatever as long as he gets his time. I am dying to take him back to Sci Bono for like a whole day.



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