Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our last photowalk of the year #summer

Connor and I regularly go on photowalks.

On the last day of the year, we decided to go for one but in another part of our suburb, where we'd never been before.

And it was glorious.

We haven't been back since but I told him we need to put on our takkies (me) and go for a nice long walk again.

don't these look like castanets?

autumn! :) (I can't wait!)

I have this thing for doors...

all sorts of doors...

and grey walls

green on green

perfect NYE weather

I mean, seriously!


  1. Love the one of him with the camera

  2. It really is a pretty neighbourhood, if you know where and how to look at it!

    1. It is a GORGEOUS neighbourhood. The only bad thing is some streets are very photo-unfriendly because their dogs are crazy!

  3. Love that yellow leaf!!! Even though we're 3 seasons away from fall! HA!

    And I love your thing for doors! :) :)

    1. I fully embrace my thing for doors!!!


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