Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Parenting advice from my friend, Sam

I've so loved this series, not only for the advice but for your comments.

Part 1
Part 2

Please keep it coming so we can keep doing these fun little things.

This week, it's time for parenting advice from my friend, Sam.

Here are Sam's top parenting tips:

1.  Do what works for YOU and YOUR family.  Breastfeeding works for you and your family? Do It.  Formula feeding works for you and your family?  Do It.  Early supper, bath and bed time with stories works for your family?  Do it.  Bath first, supper and bed time with dim lights and tickling of backs works for your family?  Do it.  Find what works for you.  Whatever works to make YOUR family function.  Do It.

2.  Allow yourself some alone time as often as you can manage (preferably every day).  Even if this means 10 - 20 minutes for a cup of tea and a trashy magazine.  I find it makes me a better mother and therefore makes my family a happier one.

3.  Have the "baby bag" packed with essentials at all times.  Stuff like nappies, wipes, extra clothes, sunscreen, hats and a few toys which never leave the bag.  It makes leaving the house easier if you don't have to rush around and pack the bag every time you have an outing. 

4.  Cut yourself some slack! (I am TERRIBLE at this one, my own worst critic)  There will be times when you lose it and scream at your kids and/or spouse.  There will be times when you smack.  There will be times when you react first and think later.  There will be times when you think Flings will be ok for supper.  There will be times when a swim will count as a bath.  As long as it does no harm to your kids cut yourself some slack.  Tomorrow will be better.

Aren't those great tips?

Like me, Sam is a previously infertile but she is one of those "you'll see; once you have one, you'll just pop out another" stories :)

Speaking of which... one of my lovely internet friends is newly pregnant (this time unassisted medically) after they had 5 gazillion IVFs to have their gorgeous little girl. We are praying HARD for this one to stick. HARD!

Back to Sam...

Sam now has two super-adorable kids, K and G, and I think her parenting superpowers are:
  1. she is super loving and affectionate
  2. she's a stickler for manners (and unprompted, K is amazing)
  3. she provides both a safe home but also lets them see that mothers need to do things for themselves too (Sam runs..... A HECK OF A LOT!)
Do you let your kids see that you need time and energy for your own interests too?


  1. Love Sam! It was so tough for my kids to initially realize that mom needs some time to herself. Somehow its ok if dad needs it, but not mom.

  2. Yes I do. I actually tell them I need a time out now!

  3. That 5-10 minutes to yourself is VERY important. So true...

  4. My child is too young to get the messAge but I do take time off when I feel myself going over the hedge.

    I believe strongly in doing what works for you and not thinking you have to do abc because everyone and every book says it has to be done. It just might not work for you there!/ a reason babies don't come with a manual

  5. Aw thanks for this post my friend and highlighting my "super powers" - still blows my mind that I became one of those "have one and pop one out" stories!


  6. Sam is an AMAZING Mama. I love that she's completely non-judgemental about how others parent. And yes, I LOVE how she makes time to RUN!


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