Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Parenting advice from my (somewhat crunchy) friend, Mandy

I sent out my first email to about 6 South African friends - you've seen those responses.

And then I knew I had to include some more with slightly different approaches. Mandy said to me that she sounded crunchy after writing down her 3 but see for yourself.

Mandy's twins are a mere two weeks younger than mine. I'm convinced she had a big fright when she read about K & C being born so early and so hers were born quickly too :)

Take it away, Mandy!

1. Be present and available. When you can be immediately available, follow up as soon as possible. Children live in the moment and so should we. Throw out too many requests for waiting and you'll both miss out. 

2. Less is always more. Don't replace yourself with things or toys. They have amazing imaginations and can be terribly resourceful if given the opportunity. Kids don't need a million toys, they need connections and experiences! It's ok to be bored! Think of your own favorite memories; you remember who you were with and what you were doing. 

3. The best advice I have ever received or have had the privilege to give: all they need is love. Nothing will be perfect and life isn't a competition, so focus on loving your children in the ways they need and the rest will follow. 

I dearly love my crunchy friend!

And to continue with my own take on Mandy's parenting superpowers:
  1. She is the DIY/ crafting/ cooking queen. Acts of service love language if I ever saw one. She's the one who made me my Kindle case and my favourite camera case. She bakes, crafts and builds things (like benches!) for her girls and I know they feel that love even if they can't exactly verbalise it.
  2. She creates memories with her kids. If you read her blog/ instagram, there are pics of them in the woods and playing with animals! Totally a #yesmom and a fun person.
  3. She's going against the grain (some might say crunchy; I say she's living with intention) and passing on amazing values to the ladies. Just one example - kids don't need more activities; they need more time to just play.

I love Mandy's first point about being present and available. I know I do my best but I could always do better instead of thinking of the next thing on my to-do list :)

Matter of fact, the year of create was great for me, because I created memories and set up some good "being present and available" habits.

Which was your favourite tip?
On a scale of 1 - 10, how good are you at being present and available? (I'm a 6)

MandyE, me, this Mandy :)
I'm putting these photos of my kids in the post because I have just this ONE photo of the two of us together and yes, you've seen it a lot :) I call it Marcia and the Mandys :)


  1. Oh gosh I always try to be available but sometimes 3 kids and 1 mom just does not add up. I would give myself about a 7 I think.

  2. Love that don't replace yourself with things advice! I wouldn't even know how to begin rating my availability. I feel like I'm always available...and never available enough, all at the same time.

  3. You know I love Mandy!!! And I love seeing the three things she picked. They suit her perfectly.

    I just wish we [all] lived closer!!!

    1. they do suit her perfectly, don't they?

      you and me both! :o

  4. LOVED this advice. Soooooo true. All you need is love. Everything else is just noise and fluff.

  5. Now this I love! Crunchy or not. I think I am better at being available on the weekends (7), week nights after work I am terrible (3) cos I get home late cos of the traffic and its all systems go go go to feed, bath and get them to bed. Also week nights I am better at being available for Gemma cos I handle her mostly as she won't let Cliff handle her bedtime etc right now which means less time for Kade.


  6. Great advice! And you know me, I'm on the crunchy side...


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