Friday, February 06, 2015

The rusty old car... and being persuaded

One thing I really like about Connor is he will not be swayed.

I often say it's hard to parent such a child now but he is going to be even more awesome as a teenager.

We took the kids to this ziplining/ bungee rope place while we were on holiday. It was really cheap (R70 for the bungee thing plus entrance to the kids' ziplining area) but Connor said, "No, thanks. I don't want to do it" and that was that.

You can frustrate yourself trying to persuade him but it's best to just accept it and move on.

(I'm the same)

Kendra loves all this fearless stuff so she participated.

Afterwards, I came across this rusty old car and it was love at first sight.

Tell me, is it not gorgeous?!

this is me checking exactly how safe these ropes are with my precious child :)

my precious child had not a care in the world

oh gosh, I love this colour!

like real photographers :)
Which is your favourite photo?
Can you be persuaded once you decide to do something?


  1. I LOVE the Kendra pictures! Mmmm....depends who's doing the persuading and if they have some valid points that challenge my thinking.

  2. No 4 from the top - that carefree Kendra laugh. A also loves adrenaline and I got such a surprise yesterday - C is a closet adrenaline junkie - just like his dad. We were at a bootcamp party and I swear he had the most fun of any of the kids. He is fearless.

    Oh and I may just be persuaded when I actually get there and see the setup.

    1. How wonderful that C surprised you like that :)

  3. My fav is the one of K laughing.
    Once I've made my mind up about something, there's no point in trying to reason me out of it. ;-)

    1. I am completely not surprised because I'm the same :)


  4. I love the rusty old car...and the details and composition of your photos are always good.

  5. That car! That chair end! Those kids of yours! all too gorgeous!

    Kade is like Connor - he will not do something if he doesn't want to do it. I've learned to not push him. It took him 2 years to jump on a jumping castle - now it's hard to get him off but man alive I couldn't get him on one for love or money before HE was ready to do it.

    I generally am not easily persuaded unless the arguments for the said thing are VERY convincing.



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