Thursday, February 05, 2015

The two bright things about having no nanny

Long story short, nanny F hasn't been at work this entire week.

So we are cleaning, laundering, making lunches, wiping all the time.

Not really fun because it's never ending. On top of working full-time, blogging and such.

But there are two things I love:
  1. I know exactly what's going on in my house. If I put something there, it remains there.
  2. My cleaning products last!
I'm not sure when (if) she'll be back but in the meanwhile, I'm really glad we have 8 golf shirts and 4 shorts for the kids.

Woohoo - tomorrow's Friday. Except Fridays are the worst days for traffic AND I have an 8 am meeting. I have no idea how I'm going to make it.

What's your favourite household chore?
Least favourite?

(My favourite, after organising, is cleaning the bathroom - I love it when it sparkles. And my least favourite is laundry because it never ends!!!)

PS 3 weeks til Nanny S comes back
PPS pretend there's a laundry pic accompanying this post
PPPS no, we're not saving any money because we're paying exorbitant aftercare rates...


  1. Is cooking a chore - love it!!! Worst - Ironning!!!! Hate it with a passion

    Why is she not at work? Is she ok?

  2. This sounds like a little bit of a nightmare... wishing you all the very best!!!

  3. Favourite and housework don't go together in my books! HATE cleaning with the passion. My worst is ironing though!!!

  4. I don't mind the washing of laundry...but the ironing is completely not my thing!

    My favourite household chore is pottering in the garden. Does that count?

  5. I love to do washing - its fresh and clean smelling and I love laundry drying in the sun. I can however not iron one little bit - and hate it.

  6. This is precisely why I can't imagine going back to work!

    I love putting things away, the general tidy. I hate laundry, but my least favorite chore is cleaning the toilets which I refuse to do. That's his job!

  7. I hate ALL the housework but the thing I hate the most is ironing and cleaning the bathroom. I like making up my bed. And the laundry. I do a load every other day so it never really piles up. And I basically press a button and walk away. THAT is my kind of chore.

    Also. I think I mentioned on your grocery posts that I ration my helper with the cleaning materials. Since I've been doing that my stuff lasts ALL MONTH LONG.

  8. I don't mind vacuuming and washing floors...but ironing and packing away groceries does my head in.

  9. I hate doing dishes until I start doing them. Then I don't mind doing dishes - either washing them by hand or packing them in the dishwasher. I find that it's a good time to think. Also, I started following FLY-Lady's Baby Steps - - for a while a couple of years ago and the Swish & Swipe of the bathroom has stuck. I don't iron at all - never learned how, have failed miserably in every attempt and why should I, when my husband is perfectly good at it? ;-P

  10. My favorite household chore is doing the washing. Also love a sparkly bathroom! WORST is ironing - i just can't!


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