Monday, February 02, 2015

This capsuling thing

I veer to and fro on my capsuling thoughts.

Work clothes sometimes feel too boring - I probably do need one or two extra tops - but for my casual clothes, I kind of love it.

(I can't wait for winter to weed through those work things and get a new grey suit - hopefully I'll be close to my goal weight)

Now here's the thing - it's not like I don't like the other stuff in my wardrobe (because when I do, out they go), but I think I'm just drawn to certain colours at certain times.

This summer, I've been loving the grey/ blue/ yellow theme, and also the orange-coral/ blue theme. And lots of grey!

It's also easier packing when you have a capsule.

I read a post somewhere where the lady said she chooses ALL the same colours with one strong accessory (in her example, it was navy and white, with RED) so all the holiday photos look coherent.

That's a bit hectic for me, but it is nice when you know everything goes with everything.

Matching nail polish with Kendra makes her super happy (she is very easily delighted) so we matched on holiday

On this particular day, when I dressed and went downstairs, TWO kids told me I looked nice. And the boy was first.

I'll take it!

What colours are you drawn towards this summer/ winter?

Do you pack in a capsule on holidays?

These pics are from our Drakensberg holiday in December.


  1. I just throw random things at a suitcase and see how much of it I can make fit in 5 minutes...quite a lot actually...but I always forget underwear...or t shirts.

  2. I can't do the capsule thing. I normally pack really light for holiday - 4 - 5 outfits that I rotate but this last one I packed a tad too much - which was dumb cos I ended up wearing the same 4 - 5 outfits that I would normally have packed anyway.

    We live and learn.


  3. Oh I love that grey stripe skirt! Want one! I love clothes way too much to do the capsule thing I think. However I have weeded out a lot of clothes by wearing things I have not warn forever.

    This summer is turquoise for me (actually I have just always loved it) and also navy, white with a pop of read - imagine that! It resulted from buying a stunning red necklace and went on from there.

  4. Holiday packing = swimming costume, one skirt, two tops, one dress, one tracksuit top, underwear, something to sleep in. I usually go in jeans. THAT IS ALL and it's more than enough. I swim a lot so don't need a lot and I wash and wear the same stuff again. I have been tossing out a lot of clothing that no longer fits - also things that no longer do anything for me. The idea of capsule appeals to me simply because I don't like to have too many choices. It becomes overwhelming. I now have a work uniform. Black pants (I have 4 - one each for Mon - Thurs because Friday is jeans day) and I have about 10 tops that I rotate with the black pants. It works for me. I don't wear stuff around my neck, I do occasionally wear a bracelet and nowadays I wear a watch too. This year I plan to upgrade my shoes. They don't last, I think because I buy cheapie shoes. My Mom only wears Froggie and it's expensive but she wears them for YEARS. I'm going to invest in proper shoes this year.


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