Sunday, March 15, 2015

5 things I'm loving at the moment

As I was pottering around the house, I thought of 5 things I'm loving at the moment:

Cooler weather

I forgot just how much the heat affects my productivity. It's been a bit cooler lately (after all it is autumn) and I've enjoyed it so much.

Walks in the neighbourhood

I did an actual tally of the walks we've taken this year the other night when I was doing a mini goals review. There were about 8 - 10 days between walks in Jan, and in March they decreased to about 4 days between walks.


I've tried two new recipes in the two weeks thus far, simply because I actually feel like I can bear standing in my hot kitchen.

(I imagine cooking properly will return soon to our household - we've been living off freezer meals and quick assembly-type meals for months. They freezer will be completely empty after this week when we finish the last two meals there - yay. Then I can cook again)

Terrycloth kitchen swabs

I've tried all manner of kitchen swabs, my favourite being those yellow ones you buy for 3 in a pack at Pick 'n Pay. But I ran out and we've been using those disposable cloths on a roll (I bought a roll of brown cloths YEARS ago and we're still using from the same roll - I take them with me on holiday).

Finally I went into Pep and got one terrycloth kitchen swab and oh my word, the difference in a nice, properly absorbent cloth is mindblowing (to those of us who get kicks from small things).

This one was only R7,99 and it's increased my happiness level 10-fold :)

Ina Paarman's Rosemary and Olive Seasoning

Shayne told me to use this seasoning after I instagrammed a photo of my tomatoes one lunch time. I happened to have a bottle at home and it is delicious. Try it :)

The kids only want their tomatoes and cucumbers with "the purple spice"!

Speaking of tomatoes, a new habit of mine is both healthy and deliciously lazy.

Before, I'd slice enough tomatoes just to cover my sandwich. Now, I slice the entire thing, and eat the rest as additional veg. Bonus - I don't have to pack the rest away. I never waste food so tossing it is never an option.

What are you loving lately?


  1. Love Ina Paarman Full stop. Have you tried the Pasta spice? Wonderful over pasta with a bit of olive oil. And I love terri cloths too. Also the drying ones.

    Loving at the moment - the thought that it is school holidays soon!

    1. I have the pasta spice too. But I haven't tried it plain on pasta with olive oil. Sure the kids would like it!

  2. I love Ina Paarman's everything - I have just about everything in her range from spices to sauces, I even have boxed cake!

  3. Yes I can only handle terry cloth ones.I really can not deal with anything else!

    I am not sure if it is cooler? Is it? It gets cool and then hot! It feels like the weather can't make up its mind.

    1. It's definitely cooler here in Jhb, esp mornings and evenings (when I walk) so I LOVE it. Maybe it will hit Pta in a few weeks? :)

  4. I will not have anything else but a terrycloth cloth in my kitchen. I am loving WHITE CHOCOLATE MARSHMELOW EASTER EGGS! I cannot get enough of them. The only time I find it cooler is at night and early mornings, the days are still warm which is making dressing quite difficult cos Kade will not take off layers, so if I get it wrong in the morning he will die of heat...


    1. i love the caramel marshmallow eggs!!! i only bought one string of 3 to help with the weakness!

  5. I'm loving Butter London gel base and top coat for my nails!!! It makes my nail polish last so much longer. I can at least last a week as opposed to three days with other top coats. I'm wearing a lovely shade of robin's egg blue right now that you would love! I'm also loving baking. I've been doing some gluten free baking and I did a banana nut bread and blueberry muffins. The blueberry muffins were a hit and are gone now. I'm looking forward to spring as I'm sick of the cold dreary weather and all the snow we got this year. I do love a good hardworking cloth in my kitchen!

  6. Dish cloths and wet swabs and hand towels in the kitchen are such a THING for me!! And the people I live with have NO respect for rules about this. B will use the dish cloth to wipe up wet mess or to wipe his hands. Drives me bonkers. Also LOVE terrycloth.

    So I may or may not have bought a new Tefal cake mixer.. but it was at a phenomenal price on special.. and I do love baking! But it was a purchase I didn't run past my husband so I am nervous to take it home haha!!

    Lately, I am loving my hubby.. with the kids away it is like a breath of fresh air (even though I am not allowed to kiss him). Loving BB cream, which I swore against some time ago.. which goes to show that one can change their mind about anything at any time. xx


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